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Peak Strength: Athlete Day

Using the Peak Strength app always has you begin with the warm-up, even on an athlete day where nearly any traditional weightlifting occurs. The athlete day is an explosive day with a big focus on plyometrics.

You benefit from warming up in your bare feet on an athlete's day using the Peak Strength app. Two great movements the Peak Strength app will prescribe on athlete day when warming up are overhead squats and Cossack squats–bilateral and unilateral movements.

Peak Strength will have you go through two rounds of the warm-up. The Peak Strength app will also prescribe your rest periods and make your training life that much easier, accessible, and elite.  

1st Exercise

The Peak Strength app on an athlete day has your main focus around plyometrics. Plyometrics make you more coordinated, more athletic, and much more explosive. 

At times, the Peak Strength app will have you begin with an easy movement like pogo jumps. Peak Strength will have videos to demonstrate how to perform the movements. Peak Strength will also tell you how many sets and reps to perform, as well as dictate rest time. The Peak Strength app is like the Olympic-level coach you also wanted to have but could never afford just by downloading the app onto your phone.

be more athletic

2nd & 3rd Exercises

Peak Strength will often give a pair of exercises that are more advanced to help you learn how to decelerate, change direction, and be more powerful. 

An exercise like drop lunges is a perfect example of what the Peak Strength app will recommend for you to do. Again, the Peak Strength app will have technical cues for you to learn and develop your training knowledge and Peak Strength will have technical model videos for you to examine.

Drop lunges may be paired with pogo skips. The exercises aren’t crazy challenging in the beginning because the app periodizes your athletic and strength development. When you are early in the training block, things aren’t crazy complicated, but the volume is high to build your base. That way, when you are picking, you will be super twitchy and athletic.

4th & 5th Exercises

Peak Strength will often pair unilateral plyometrics with bilateral plyometrics. You will find you may be doing exercises like tuck jumps for distance/height paired with single-leg stair jumps.

Both movements help develop more power in the glutes and quads. The power development allows you to be faster during the acceleration phase.

Another benefit of Peak Strength having you train unilateral plyometric movements like stair jumps lets you understand asymmetries and imbalances your body may have.

Paying attention to the videos the Peak Strength app is prescribing is important for developing your greatest athletic self. You will see technical models of what you will become through consistency working through Peak Strength’s periodization.

As always, the rest is important. It allows you to do big-time work and make gains. With an athlete day on Peak Strength, two minutes is often the time of rest to best allow you to develop explosiveness and get the most out of the workout.

6th Exercise

On an athlete day, Peak Strength has you doing a lot of exercises. 

At this point in the programming, Peak Strength may have you doing quarter-squat dumbbell jumps. The idea is to develop your floor reaction time and the power out of your legs. Your legs will become more powerful making you more athletic, more fit, and more capable in life and on the field.

It is super important to log all your movements. It is also super important that after finishing the workout you complete the post-workout recommended mobility work. PVC pipe walks are a recommended movement for ankle mobility. Again, every movement has a technical model and written description of how to perform the movement.


DOWNLOAD THE PEAK STRENGTH APP NOW!!!!!!!. It gives you access to elite-level coaching, programming, and a treasure trove of exercises, content, and learning. If you are as serious about being more athletic, more fit, and improving your health, download the Peak Strength app. 

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