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7 Reason to Block out People and their Opinions

7 Reason to Block out People and their Opinions

  1. No one has the same goals as you: You can not let other people's opinions take charge of your life because they aren't the ones living it. If someone is giving you an opinion on something they do not do then their opinion is irrelevant. You know where you want to be and what you want to achieve so never let someone else's goals get in the way.
  2. You make the lifts not someone else: No one is lifting for you. Blocking people out during a training cycle is super important in having a good training session. Focus on the tasks you have to do during that session and do not let anything negatively affect you.
  3. Blocking out helps you focus on training: Blocking people out from having conversations and a negative impact on your training is very important for your overall focus. The more you can focus on the day the better result you will get.
  4. do not care about what everyone around you is doing: Do not get all freaked out when one of your training partners that is in the same weight class as you hits a big lift. Most of the time you guys are training for different reasons. He might be on a peak cycle for a program and you could be on a technical cycle. Both are very different and you should never compare yourself to the other.
  5. The only person that cares is you: No ones opinion matter because they do not actually care about your success. Anyone who is giving you a negative opinion should have no impact on you as a person. You are the only one that can make those lifts, so make it a you vs. you battle. Not a you vs. someone else.
  6. You vs. You: Training and competing is barely a battle against an opponent. It is mostly a battle against yourself. If you can beat yourself you have won the game. do not let surrounding people and atmosphere affect you. Focus on YOUR task and smash it.
  7. Is the person negative or positive with their opinion?: I would say a positive opinion by someone who is valuable to you is a good thing. But most people do not have positive opinions. Blocking a negative person/athlete will not only help you, but it will make that person mad because you are not letting them have an impact on you.
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