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4 Ways to Deadlift


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Four Ways to Deadlift

Deadlifts are a good exercise to strengthen and lengthen multiple muscle groups at the same time. From your feet to your hamstrings, to your back, to your quads, you are recruiting a lot of muscle groups for deadlifts. You can also use different ways to work your body differently as well. Here are four ways you can deadlift.


In a competition deadlift, you can go double overhand or you can use a mixed grip. After you get the “bar is loaded” call, you have one minute to take your attempt. Here you have to pull the deadlift in one fluent motion. Pause at the top until you hear the down call, from there lower to the ground with both hands still around the bar.


Deadlifting for strength is another way to deadlift. Typically these types of deadlifts are used for powerlifters. We will sometimes use deadlifts for athletes to build strength in muscles such as hamstrings, glutes, and back. Strength sets are typically anywhere from 1-6 reps that we will use for athletes. Wrestling is probably the most common sport we use deadlifts for, mainly because it hits very similar muscle groups that would be used in a wrestling match.


Hypertrophy deadlifting is typically used in bodybuilders to help build muscle. This, in my opinion, is the most beneficial ways to deadlift. It helps people recruit muscles immediately and keeps firing them fast while keeping tension. Hypertrophy deadlifts are typically from 8-15, maybe 20 reps. I like to use these as a finisher for athletes and use them in general clientele's programming.


Sumo deadlifts are a different setup from the conventional/competitive deadlift. The feet are extended out wide while the hands are in a straight down position. Sumos are for someone that had stronger quads, hammies, and glutes. Takes a little tension off the back compared to a conventional and are typically better for someone who has longer legs with a short torso and arms. These are also deadlifts that are used for training with a hurt back because this takes the load off a little bit.


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