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4 Aspects of Hunting That Help With Weightlifting

4 Aspects of Hunting That Help With Weightlifting

  1. Concentration:

Concentration is a major factor in both weightlifting and hunting. When hunting every second matters. From the time you see the animal to the time of harvest could be a matter of seconds. If you are not fully concentrated during this moment you will fail. Same applies for weightlifting. You have to be able to concentrate and execute a lift with a huge amount of pressure. When taking the stage to lift, nothing but that lift should be on your mind. Being in the moment is what's going to make or break you as an athlete, and a hunter.

  1. Practice:

Anyone who told you hunting is easy never really experienced it. Yes, you can pay to go to a farm where you practically shoot an animal out of your house. This is not the hunting I am talking about. Going out into the woods before the sun comes up and getting in a tree stand is the hunting I’m talking about. The kind where your scent and the kind of clothes you wear impacts your performance. The kind where any sudden movement will scare the animal away and spoil your chances. This can be applied to rifle hunting, but I am more talking about bow hunting. Having a lot of practice under your belt and experience will help your chances, but you also have to make a very precise shot. Shooting a bow is like anything else you would do. To be great at it, you have to practice a lot. You won't be a successful weightlifter by snatching 2 days a week. These movements need to be performed thousands of times in order to be successful at them. Practicing your shot is the most important aspect of hunting, and practicing your lifts is the most important aspect of weightlifting.

  1. Staying Calm:

It is very exciting when you see a deer, or when you are going to attempt a big lift, but you have to stay calm. Adrenaline is a very important part of weightlifting, but you can't let it overwhelm you. Staying calm and slowing your heart rate lets you really focus on the task at hand. You can't be overly excited while hunting because it can cause you to rush a shot and not be able to capitalize on an opportunity. This also applies with weightlifting. A lot of lifters rush attempts. Weightlifters have to be patient when executing a lift, rushing the process may result in failure.

  1. Understanding Sport:

Understanding the sport behind these things is very important. There will be ups and downs, but you have to respect both the animal and the sport enough to be successful. Both of these take a lot of time to be good at. Hunting is hours of sitting to potentially having a shot at harvesting a deer. Weightlifting is hours of training and repetitions to have a shot at 6 lifts that matter. Hunting isn't just a hobby. It's a sport that should be taken seriously and takes a lot of skill and practice to be good at.

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