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30 Week Update!

Official in my third trimester, this pregnancy has been pretty smooth since week 20. I am measuring about five weeks ahead, so my belly is closer to full term since there are two babies, but not so much that my belly is twice the normal size for this stage. Full term would be ten more weeks, but my OB is encouraging I be induced or scheduled for a c-section by 38 weeks (if labor does not start before then). I am not psyched about either possibility, but I am happy to be this far along without any major pregnancy complications. Stroke symptoms have completely resolved from week 20, although the mystery remains as to a diagnosis, and the neurology doc is still pushing for a c-section over a vaginal delivery.


I have been able to stay pretty consistent with three to four workouts per week. This usually breaks down to; 1 upper body focused, 1 lower body, 1 olympic / cardio, one longer yoga practice. I add in additional stretching/yoga in the evenings whenever possible. Just ten minutes of stretching can make a huge difference in the way my lower back feels, and can also help with sleep.


My energy has been pretty good, especially early in the day. Depending on my activity level, I need to sit often, and slow down more frequently. Some days I am lucky enough to get a nap while my 3.5 year old sleeps and this helps with my energy in the evening. Evening chores like making dinner, and washing dishes are increasingly challenging. Mostly because I can’t do these things seated, but also because by belly literally gets in the way. Dane has been helpful in putting together meals in the evening, and I am so grateful for that. I am eating a dinner meal later in the evening on most days, so I usually have three smaller meals earlier in the day.


My diet has remained relatively the same since around 20 weeks. It’s easy for me to get very full after just a few bites of food. I could usually skip the last meal by the time 8 p.m. rolls around, but I know it’s better for me and for the babies to get those added calories and nutrients.

A typical day looks something like this:

Meal 1
1 slice ezekiel bread
1 cup milk
½ cup coffee
1 cup yogurt with cinnamon

Meal 2
2 cups milk
1 scoop protein
1 fig bar

Meal 3
½ cup peanuts
½ apple
1 ounce raw cheddar
1 corn tortilla w/leftover chicken and salsa

Meal 4
½ cup veggies
1 burger
2 tbs ketchup
2 cups rice
1 ounce cheese

Weight gain

I have gained about 27 lbs. so far. This is in the healthy range for this stage in a twin pregnancy. The last ten weeks is when babies can really put on weight and develop fat stores. I should gain an additional 1-2 lbs. per week for the next few weeks. The babies each weighed just shy of three lbs. at my last ultrasound (two weeks ago) so they are growing well and at a similar rate to one another. Growth discordance is fair common during a twin pregnancy, meaning one twin starts to grow much larger than the other. This is usually less of a problem with fraternal twins, since each baby has its own placenta, and does not seem to be an issue for my twins thus far.

At my last ultrasound both babies were presenting breech. This means the babies butt or feet are closest to the cervix instead of their head. It used to be fairly common to deliver this way, but in recent years there are not many doctors who are willing to deliver a breech baby vaginally. My OB is requiring that baby A be vertex, or head down, in order to attempt a breech delivery of baby B. So keeping my fingers crossed that baby A manages to find space to turn, and my neurology doc will be supportive of a vaginal delivery.

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