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Vertical Jump Challenge

Garage Strength has six of the most explosive professional track and field athletes in the entire world. I decided to give whoever could jump the highest $300.

The first athlete, Alex Rose, 2x Olympian, and the heaviest person on the entire earth who can dunk a basketball.

Second was Josh Syrotchen, 2020 Olympic Trials competitor.

Third was Big L, Legend. Fourth was Noah Kennedy White, another Olympic Trials competitor. Fifth was Sam Mattis, Olympic finalist in the discus. And it was all closed out by DTL, NCAA champ.

Every single round we raised the target by 6”. We wanted it to come down to the last two competitors.

Again, Alex went first. He was unable to touch the top. Syro went next and touched the top easily. Syro is no slouch. He got 6th at the trials. Legend, who got 5th at the trials, missed as well. Sam, the Olympian, went and smacked the top. Noah did the same thing and smacked the top. And after some video review, DTL made it through as well.

Out of the kindness of our hearts, we gave Alex and Legend another attempt. Alex: NO DICE! Legend: NO DICE! They both missed.

That brought about our first two eliminations. We decided another 6” jump was too adventurous, but going up 3” seemed reasonable. This put us at 10’9”. That means the target height at this point was 9” over the basketball rim.

At this point, I saw Syro as the clear favorite. Noah had the clear height advantage.

Just for reference, Syro smoked the 10’9” touch. This is also where we brought Sam Black in to play the villainous heel.

Sam Mattis, who can clean 200 kgs, came in with doubts. The doubts led to him not hitting the mark. Noah MISSED! The height advantage seemed to not come through in this moment of truth. DTL gave a valiant effort but fell short as well. I found it in my heart to give Sam Mattis, Noah, and DTL one more attempt. I also still wished Sam Black was in.

Sam M failed his second attempt and gave a vlogged out monolog about how he let everyone down and fell short. Noah improved, but again, NO BUENO! DTL said, “I got one chance,” (mom’s spaghetti) and everyone came back with the 8 Mile jokes. DTL failed.

Syro won.

We then decided to go over to the high jump pit with the five losers to take two attempts at the Ronaldo super jump, trying to hit the soccer ball as a consolation prize.

On the way there, I made it a point to tell Alex how I had beat him in croquet and mini-golf. Alex denies my superior skills.

Anyway, we taped a soccer ball to a pole at a height that required a jump of basically 2.56 meters to make contact with one’s head on the ball, just like Ronaldo.

I demonstrated and missed. I’m clearly not athletic. I told the athletes if they could jump as high as Rondaldo I’d give them $50.

They got a running start with this one. Alex went first. And guess what? SUCCESS!!!! Let’s go!!!!

Legend was up second and he did it without struggle. It looked routine and as if he had even more height to be attained.

Sam, mad that I booked him at a two star hotel, a little upset, took it out on the soccer ball. He walked off like a batter striking a homerun in the bottom of the ninth.

Noah made it look easier than Legend, and DTL did it with no struggle. Meaning all five losers got the $50 consolation money.

But this brought us back to the main event. Since Syro whooped all the throwers, we brought in Sam Black, a 7’ high jumper and one of the best decathletes in the entire United States, to see who won the $300.

The target was set at 11’. I allowed for one step into the jump to see who won.

Sam Black went first and HE MISSED! Not by much though. That brought Syro up before Sam Black’s second attempt. Siro’s first attempt was super close. He might have even of hit it. But we ruled it a miss.

Sam Black’s second attempt, coming up clutch, NAILED IT! All Mr. Black had to say after succeeding, “I’m furious at Jason for trying to disallow my involvement.”

Syro, not to be out done, crushed the 11’ target on his second go. Upon his success, he commented, “That’s going to pay for diapers.”

We then decided to move the target to 11’6” to reward it to whoever touches the highest. Syro went up and did what needed to be done. So, to keep things interesting we gave Sam another jump.

He came up short.

Syro, the victor, wanted more. So naturally, our FOMO kicked in and we let him go for it. Siro ended up hitting 11’4” weighing 270 lbs.


Interviewing Syro at the end of the jumping competition, I asked him what was going through his mind to which he succinctly replied, “The money.” With Syro winning, the only thing left to do was pay the man his $300. He graciously accepted his winnings and went about his day.


Dane Miller is the owner and founder of Garage Strength Sports Performance. He works with a select handful of clients on building comprehensive programs for fitness and nutrition. Several times a year he leads a workshop for coaches, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts.

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