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Top Olympic Lifts for Linebackers


Behind the Neck Split Jerk

Behind the neck split jerk is the #1 olympic lift for skill players. The jerk into the split position is perfect for all skill players who make quick and powerful movements on their feet to outmaneuver the competition. The split replicates a receiver split and is a great tool to assemble more explosion off the line because the muscle recruitment for the lift is similar to making jukes off of one foot. Strengthening those muscles and joints will improve single leg movements and the jerk will increase shoulder strength. The lift has low stress on the shoulder joints, It’s an excellent way to improve strength and help prevent injury. Also, the lift sharpens the central nervous system which will spike reaction timing and body control significantly. Skill players who increasing their numbers in this lift will absolutely see increases in their acceleration and evasiveness, while strengthening their shoulders for bracing constant.

Pause at the Knee/Box Snatch & Clean

Pause at the knee or two box cleans/snatches are the best olympic lifts for defensive skill players and running backs that need to make quick powerful movements from the bent knee athletic position. The pause before the clean/snatch is virtually identical to the bent knee athletic position players hold while making reads. Holding the pause develops strength in all the same muscles and leverages the body to be more explosive out of that posture. The clean after the pause is an incredibly powerful movement that trains the body to create a massive amount of force to accelerate the bar. This translates exceptionally to a linebackers first steps after reading the guards, a running back receiving a handoff, or a corner taking on a block. The pause at the knee clean will do double duty by strengthening and cultivating more POWER for players to dominate on the field.

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