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What are the best lifts for throwers?

Ask Dane Anything #7

Client: If my triceps, lats and forearms are tight, will front squatting help loosen me up?

Dane: Front squats can help but you will need to lengthen triceps and roll out lats prior to front squats. If you hammer the mobility, then implement front squats and focus on good isometric holding positions, it could imprint excellent positions.

Client: What are the best lifts for throwers? Asking for a friend.

Dane: Hahaha….Snatch, bench, power clean, front squats….did I mention leg presses?

Client: How will New England do without their best player this year?

Dane: Last I checked, Tom Brady is coming back!

Client: Any difference between protein shakes and meal replacement shakes?

Dane: In general there are more carbohydrates in meal replacements. I would recommend using an Earth Fed Muscle protein shake with raw milk from a certified raw milk provider.

Client: Is high carb beer a meal replacement drink?

Dane: Yes, if you want to be fat.

Client: What does it take to be an "Olympic level" athlete?

Dane: Years of focus, years of technical goals, years of accountability, years of positive support, years of criticism, years of mobility work/nutrition focus/strength focus.

Client: What is it like to coach your kids and/or family members?

Dane: It is difficult, but fun. I do see myself being a bit softer on my niece and sister but a bit too hard on my son.

Client: How many times per week should you take pre-workout? Everyday?

Dane: 2-3 days per week is optimal.

Client: Do you believe in ghosts?

Dane: No.

Client: What do you think my highest total could be? -Kyle Jr.

Dane: He will be a 109k lifter that will go 182/225k

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