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Strength Training for Wide Receivers

Strength Training for Wide Receivers

Hand eye coordination, top end speed, strength for agility, these are all very unique aspects behind strength training for wide receivers. 

Breaking down the position in a step by step manner is crucial to developing proper strength characteristics for wide receivers. Wide receivers need powerful absolute strength to overcome a static start and establish positioning into their opponents. Wide receivers also need strength to enter cuts rapidly, decelerate at high speeds and then accelerate rapidly out of those cuts. This requires training with steep shin angles and working through unilateral programming. 

Strength training for wide receivers also has to focus around dynamic trunk control. This will enable the receiver to have forward lean, backward lean AND even incredible trunk control while jumping and rotating for balls to receive. 

Knowing that strength training for wide receivers is very challenging, how many days a week should the wide receiver focus on each strength training area?

In strength training for wide receivers, it is recommended to do some form of technical coordination movement, twice a week. It is also important to train unilateral absolute strength once a week along with a dynamic day, once a week, to ensure greater transfer. Finally, strength training for wide receivers should incorporate two days a week that beholds specific movements to stimulate dynamic trunk control and at least once a week they should be doing plyometrics. 

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