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Spider Curls (and other fun bicep and tricep variations)

Spider Curls

Biceps small? Growth in the bicep peak might be the most sought after aesthetic in the world of fitness. But how can that bicep peak grow?!?

In comes spider curls and other fun bicep variations! When Per Tesch studied points of flexion, he identified various ways to trigger growth in muscles, based on the how the body was flexing/contracting a muscle relative to the actual joint. This is where the spider curls come into play.

Spider curls are very similar to preacher curls except they use a cheat code to be executed in a manner where the body believes the elbow is overhead! This forces a bit more stability in the shoulder joint from the bicep all while isolating the bicep tremendously. Lying on the chest to execute spider curls can even lead to further isolation and growth. 

Execute spider curls in conjunction with incline curls while using the pre-fatigue method. The point of flexion for the incline curl is different from the flexion point with the spider curls while both lead to massive gains in bicep thickness. Execute spider curls for 6 sets of 12-17 reps with a 2-3 second eccentric. Do this on one minute rest for the craziest pump possible!


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