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Romanian Deadlift


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Romanian Deadlift

 The Romanian deadlift is a fantastic movement to teach a very complicated technical skill.

Very few movements transfer across all sports like the Romanian deadlift. Setting proper posture is imperative, not just for execution of the exercise but also to train the neural postural feedback loop that is required during high speed coordination

Couple a tight back with an upright shin angle and a very focused hip hinge into the barbell and the athlete discovers a great way to target the posterior chain at slower speeds that will carry over to technical coordination exercises while lighting up the hamstrings. 

There are few times in the weightroom that we will find a hip hinge movement at slower speeds. Slower speeds help athletes learn proper coordination patterns which is exactly why the Romanian deadlift can improve posterior chain strength. 

Use the Romanian deadlift with varying degrees of intensity. By using a deficit platform or even by changing the grip from shoulder width to a snatch grip, the movement becomes more challenging due to a longer range of motion. Any sport that requires a strong and healthy hip girdle will benefit from some type of Romanian deadlift on a weekly basis. 


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