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Power Jerk vs. Split Jerk

Power Jerk vs. Split Jerk

What can be the difference between winning a gold medal and finishing in dead last? The most overlooked aspect behind performance AND competition is based in the question…which is better, power jerk or split jerk?

split jerk

To understand the complexity around the power jerk or split jerk debate, we have to understand the mechanical difference. Both movements require a very upright dip in the countermovement that will optimize energy efficiency. Both movements also require a very upright drive to propel the bar overhead. 

The difference arises between the catch position, the power jerk with the feet as wide as a power clean without having one foot in front of the other. The split jerk, the counterpart to the power jerk where the bar is over the hips but the body is lowered by lengthening the foot position forward and backward to change the center of mass. 

The benefits? The power jerk is a simple movement with less moving parts, relative to the foot movement patterns of the split jerk. However, the split jerk can lead to greater performance through lowering of the hips and in turn also making it easier to potentially run down a jerk that is left forward from a poor drive. 

power jerk

When leading to jerk improvement. The key needs to identify proper foot positioning, coming from a split jerk! The split jerk breeds champions, the power jerk provides the foundation behind the proper mechanics of the split jerk. 

Use the power jerk to learn proper dip and proper drive patterning. Use the power jerk to analyze proper foot width for the split jerk. And when it comes to conquering your opponents and becoming a champion, use the split jerk on the platform! 


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