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Peak Strength: Lower Body Workout

You need to download our brand new app Peak Strength (FREE trial for 7 days!)

The app provides everything you need from a programming coach. Reps, sets, exercises and weight recommendations are personalized based on your strength and training goals. The Peak Strength app is great.

Here is a typical workout for a Universal Training Athlete - usually a multi-sport athlete or weightlifter who does not want to choose single sport focus.


The app, for a leg day, often has you begin with overhead squats. You want to do the overhead squats with an empty barbell. The second exercise you do is typically a unilateral exercise, like the Cossack squat. The app has you finish with explosive movements, like jumps, to get the nervous system primed so you are primed to crush the workout.

Do the exercises in the warm-up 2 times.

Let’s check in on how you will be recommended to lift using the Peak Strength app as a universal training athlete, a person who plays multiple sports. 

1. Technical Coordination Movement

The Peak Strength app will give you a technical coordination lift to begin. For instance, the Peak Strength app might give you power snatch into an overhead squat. You can also choose from the replacement exercises, like a one-box snatch.

Peak Strength allows you to use kilos and/or lbs. You know kilos are better. 

Peak Strength will allow you to improve your technique because every exercise contains a technical model (often Haley Reichert) doing the prescribed movement. Every exercise on the Peak Strength app also includes an instructional video from me to help you improve your technique.

After each set, Peak Strength asks you to rate the difficulty/easiness of the set after logging the weight used. Your rating the difficulty of the lift, the Peak Strength app will prescribe the next weight to use. Peak Strength will also tell you how long to rest. 

The rest timer is great for you! It helps you stay on task and get your workout done in a timely fashion. 

What is cool, if it is your first time in the Peak Strength app, it will learn from the data you input. For instance, logging your clean PR will allow the app to approximate the weight you should use to snatch.

Now say you don’t snatch or clean or lack equipment for certain movements. No issue! The Peak Strength app will recommend replacement apps based on the equipment you have access to.

Logging your workout history will create a means for the app to learn and be educated in the future.

2. Clean Variation

Oftentimes the second lift is a clean or clean variation. The Peak Strength app may have you performing high hang cleans, low hang cleans, or power cleans. 

The Peak Strength app works incredibly similarly to the first exercise. You perform your lift, you log the weight, you rate the difficulty, and the Peak Strength app recommends for you to go up in weight, stay at the same weight, or stay at that weight. The Peak Strength app will spit out a rest time again. Being that the exercise is clean, you will get a little longer rest.

A cool factor is the Peak Strength app has a progress bar across the top to show you what is being completed. Not only does the Peak Strength app have technical model videos and tutorial videos, but it also tells you beginner clean progressions and how to improve your front rack in the clean. The Peak Strength app teaches you as well!

One thing that separates the Peak Strength app from all the competitors is that everything is periodized. If you know all your maxes and have years of experience as an athlete, or even just a beginner, the Peak Strength app will spit out an entire periodized program based around when you want to peak for competition. 

3. Absolute Strength

As a universal athlete, you will typically see the Peak Strength app have you do an absolute strength movement here. The Peak Strength app may have you do pause back squats, front squats, or unbroken back squats to name just a few.

The rest periods are specific to the exercises. So when you are doing squats, your rest period is typically around 2 to 2.5 minutes. And just like the previous exercises, the app asks you to log the difficulty and it spits out the weight to use.

Peak Strength

The Peak Strength app, through its periodization model, even have you doing drop sets when the periodization calls for it. 

It can’t be stressed enough that the timer for the rest periods on the Peak Strength app is followed. Following the rest period timer will help for the best results.

As a universal athlete, you have to train speed for most sports. That’s why you are being told to do snatches, cleans, and unbroken back squats to be fast and explosive. The universal athlete in the Peak Strength app is catered to a large majority of athletes. 

And you don’t need to be scared of the advanced lifts! Because of the instructional videos, you have access to in the Peak Strength app, you have an in-person coach in your pocket to help you develop more power for transfer of training to multiple different sports. 

The Peak Strength app will also predict your 1 rep max based on the information you log. That adds up over time. If you do work and log information for 6 months, you will get a ton of gains.

4. Accessory Exercise

The Peak Strength app will have you getting a lot of big-time movements done in less than an hour. 

The fourth exercise for a universal athlete is an accessory movement. At times it will target abs for that dynamic trunk control and other times it will train biceps or triceps. 

Say the Peak Strength app recommends you do V-ups, it will again and always show you how to properly perform the movement. You must study the video to learn the movement. You also need to hold yourself accountable for mirroring the technical model as closely as possible.

Workouts Finished

Once finished the workout, the Peak Strength app will recommend mobility exercises for you to perform based on your mobility limitations. You performing the mobility work will help you recover and feel limber later in the day. 


The programs in the Peak Strength app were fed from my brain into the code, algorithms, and periodization recommendations within the app. Having the Peak Strength app on your phone gives you access to the exact methodologies used to train some of the best athletes in the world. 

Download the Peak Strength app.  

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