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Peak Strength: Upper Body Workout

To get prepared for an explosive upper body workout you want to warm up first. In the warm-up, you want to get the shoulders heated and everything else moving first. Then you want to head into a slightly more advanced movement to get the upper body to be more explosive.

To do all of this, the Peak Strength app does a great job of giving you movements to complete. Powerlastic internal and external rotations and push-ups go a long way to getting your upper body ready to go.  

The push-ups and banded movements get your blood flowing. It is all done to prime the body. Peak Strength will tell you to go through the warm-up exercises twice.

1. Technical Coordination

The first exercise is a technical coordination movement. As an upper body exercise, Peak Strength will often recommend a jerk variation. You may be performing a jerk with a pause in the split or you may be asked to perform a behind-the-neck jerk.

A great thing about the Peak Strength app is that you can decide to do a different exercise than what the app recommends if you need it. 

What is great about the Peak Strength app is that for every exercise there is a video demonstrating a technical model for the movement, a tutorial video with cues, and written instructions with points of emphasis for you to develop your knowledge around sports performance movement. 

upper body workout

After performing the recommended exercise, the Peak Strength app will ask you to rate the difficulty of the weight lifted when logging the set. The app will then recommend what weight to do next and will start a rest timer. This is great for you because it keeps you moving and keeps you lifting. 

Another knowledge bomb the Peak Strength app drops for most movements is the “common [exercise] mistakes.” The cues are there to make you aware of what you should be focusing on when executing each movement.

2. Jerks and Absolute Strength

Doing a weightlifting exercise, like a jerk, before an absolute strength exercise, like the bench press, will find their nervous system primed from the explosive first movement. The second exercise, an upper body strength movement, like the bench press, goes a long way to developing those triceps and pecs.

With every lift, you can log the difficulty of the movement, and the Peak Strength app will give you weight and rep recommendations. The Peak Strength app will even have you performing a second exercise to superset movements which let you get more work done in less time. 

Peak Strength will also show a sweet bar on the top to show you how far along you are in the workout. Legit method for Peak Strength to communicate your progress.

You will even find the Peak Strength app recommending drop sets for you to get those massive gains. Peak Strength will also have you doing waves in the weights being recommended so that you can hit heavier weights for more reps through potentiation.

A big thing with the toggle on rating the difficulty of the lift in the Peak Strength app is that you can select did not complete. Peak Strength looks at this information and adapts. Peak Strength uses the same periodization methodology used at Garage Strength for you to train anywhere as if you were right here at Garage Strength in Fleetwood.

3. Accessory Push and Pull

Oftentimes the third exercise in an upper body workout asks you to do an accessory push with a pull. Something like dumbbell incline presses super set with pull-ups for example. The awesome thing is the Peak Strength app will have your traps, pecs, biceps, and triceps swelled up. 

The idea in the Peak Strength app is to use unilateral work, like dumbbells, with a hard back exercise. Doing pull-ups with the bench press isn’t necessarily the best idea, so that is why the big back exercise comes after the bench press.

4. Pump the Triceps

The point is to get a severe pump in the triceps. The triceps are so good as elbow flexors in every single sport! It is the fastest twitch muscle fiber in your arm! Training the tricep has great carry over to sports performance. 


Doing the Peak Strength programming for 6 months of consistent training, you will blow up. It will make you a total freak athlete. Go into your phone’s app store today, right now, and download the Peak Strength app!

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