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Knees Over Toes Guy Review


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Knees Over Toes Guy Review

The Knees Over Toes guy is taking over YouTube. His content is enjoyable and relatable. Here at Garage Strength, we love the Knees Over Toes guys. In addition, we love checking out what other people are using for training to see how best we can co-opt it into our system of training. 

We noticed that he challenges axioms. Not only does he shock his system with the movements he performs, but he also shocks viewers’ false beliefs, challenging typical thoughts. He also has pretty stellar mobility.

At our gym, we train a ton of world-class throwers, wrestlers, Olympic weightlifters, NFL athletes, and collegiate athletes. One thing we did early on in starting our YouTube journey and trying to educate everyone online, we thought everyone was like the athletes we have here. That’s not the case. The Knees Over Toes guy does a great job of walking viewers through simple steps and how to execute the movements. That is important to prevent injury. Also, he gives a governor to help prevent injury.

Another thing we like is how he talks about lengthening the hamstrings. We are a big believer that lengthening is strengthening. The Knees Over Toes guy performs Jefferson Curls and demonstrates great mobility. We like the points he makes about bullet-proofing the lower back. It is important, this stuff is not new. The Jefferson Curl is pivotal in gymnastics training. Knees over toes are not new. These are concepts that he is, not only bringing back to the surface but expanding upon.

What old is new again, especially with fitness. Knees Over Toes guy gets into split squat work as well. A lot of split squat stuff originated with Bill Pearl in the ’50s and ’60s. Anthony Dattilo talked about it as well. Charles Poliquin went into deep detail in a few of his certification courses as well. Again, The Knees Over Toes guy does a great job of bringing this information back to standard knowledge and challenging a lot of current trends.

Going back to the Jefferson Curl, a lot of athletes are constantly in lumbar extension. Training through flexion can really, really help take lower back stress off of athletes. It is important that athletes doing heavy movements are in extension, but it is important they get into flexion as well.

We also like how the Knees Over Toes guy educates people on progressions. He also targets problem areas that almost everyone runs into problems with--the knees and lower back. He speaks well presenting the information and gives a lot of stretches we definitely plan on stealing to use with our athletes.

Since we train a lot of throwers that do a rotational technique with a long sweeping leg, they tend to get tension in the groin. The hip girdle needs to be protected. The Knees Over Toes guy’s exercise of sitting with the bottom of the feet touching one another, with DBs on the inside of the knees is great.

Knees Over Toes guy also creates some great naming like tendon bathing, lol. What a great term! We love the creativity and word usage displayed. The idea of using a warm-up to get the tendons firing. Maybe a little too in-depth at times, but people need it. Another thing he does great is future pacing things, as well as talking about athletes he has worked with.

Let’s face it, walking down the steps people’s knees go over their toes. Human beings going up a hill, their knees go past their toes. In Olympic weightlifting it has always been a joke--the knees need to go over the toes. Not letting the knees track forward can lead to back pain, stiff ankles, and really stiff hips--things that aren’t good.

Knees Over Toes

Another thing we like is when the Knees Over Toes guy talks about moving backward. Frans Bosch writes about the benefits and Coach Herndon, a sprints coach at Tennessee, says this as well. We agree. Fist bump.

Poliquin comes back around in the Knees Over Toes guy’s presentation as he talks about the Peterson Step-Up. Poliquin taught this stuff for decades. It is great that the Knees Over Toes guy is bringing this information to a wider audience.

The Knees Over Toes guy loves his stuff. He is into it. He isn’t a con. Watching him instruct, it is clear he is into it. He comes across as genuine through a computer screen. That is impressive. Authenticity is always a wonderful thing.

Again, we can’t say this enough, the Knees Over Toes guy gives sound information that works. And by works, we are talking about stuff that has worked since the ’50s and ’60s.

The Knees Over Toe guy also talks about Sissy Squats. The shin angle that is executed in the movement is the shin angle behind acceleration. It is what makes football players so fast. Football is a game about deceleration and acceleration. This stuff goes a long way and helps a lot with cutting.

He also talks about the Nordic Curl. We love the Nordic Hamstring Curl. This stuff is good. We have had many top-end athletes’ 40 yard dash times drop when hammering this movement. It lengthens the movement and then demands a lot of strength in the concentric movement. It increases an athlete’s hamstring strength.

The Knees Over Toe guy also uses this funny contraption that attaches to the foot. We have seen this apparatus in some old Finnish and German high-jumping books we’ve read. The Fins and Germans attached kettlebells to the apparatus. It is great that the Knees Over Toes guy is challenging the norm and doing a really good job with it.


We really like the Knees Over Toes guy. He brings up a lot of knowledge from Charles Poliquin that is incredibly valuable. He does a good job of demonstrating progressions and does a great job of telling people important stuff, providing the science behind it. On top of that, he is telling people to start thinking outside of their prescribed box to realize there is a lot of information out there still to be learned. 


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  • should a person that has knee chondromalacia do the Nordic knee curl..

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