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How to Perform Unbroken Lifts

How to Perform Unbroken Lifts

Is there a way to improve speed, strength AND mobility in one simple means of training? Is there a hidden gem out there that can accomplish these goals? Time to expose yourself to UNBROKEN LIFTS!


What constitutes an unbroken lift? Let’s use the bench press as an example because this is the easiest way to first comprehend the pattern. Take the bar off the rack and create tension in the upper back, lats and even triceps. It’s important to establish the foundation because this foundation will support the rapid muscular actions that unbroken lifts possess! 

As the lifter begins the eccentric movement, they will work through the range of motion, tap their chest and move the bar concentrically to the top position. When full lockout is achieved, they will immediately trigger the eccentric action again. Many lifters use the pause at the top of the lift to flush fatigue or even focus on more body control. This is great BUT the benefit of unbroken lifts is that the athlete learns how to control these positions at high speeds with long periods of tension! 

Try an unbroken lift with the front squat or back squat. Take the bar out of the rack, set the upper back and abs through the belly button, take a breath and focus on three straight reps. Work through the eccentric movement with a higher speed that is controlled, bounce out of the bottom and drive rapidly to the top and immediately change direction at the top of the lift. 

When performing unbroken lifts, execute these movements with 2-6 reps, doing so while taking one large breath! This movement pattern will improve strength in the bottom position and rapid coordination of neural drive. As the athlete becomes more advanced, unbroken lifts can even be used with unilateral exercises like single leg squat and dumbbell presses. Do these once or twice a week on the impulse day or after a large drop set on the hypertrophy day of training. 


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