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How To Build BIG Arms Fast

How To Get Bigger Arms - FAST

Some of the classic arm training problems are that you lack creativity and don’t get unique in your exercise solution. You probably show up at the gym and do the same arm exercises all of the time. Yeah, it is comfortable and you get a decent pump consistently. But it is something that causes you to struggle to gain arm strength and arm size. Like preacher curls are great–it will lead to nice motor unit recruitment in a lengthened bicep position. Hammer curls are another classic exercise you all like to do–they are a great movement and phenomenal for building forearm strength and thickness in the bicep. Still, you need to be more creative. You probably like doing tricep push-downs. Again, you can be more creative with swelling up those triceps.

You can also gain arm strength and size through bench pressing. You can even gain arm strength and size by busting out dips (as long as you are doing a full range of motion).

Here is the secret to arm training exercises. You need to view arm training through sports performance. Like, can arm size help you improve your snatch? Your bench press? Your pull-ups? Your behind-the-neck jerk? Let’s just say there are better movements you can pull from that require a higher rate of coordination that will lead to better athletic performance.   

Learning And Applying Sports Performance Principles

You can apply things from the sports performance world to lead to arm gains. You will want to use a mixture of point of flexion research and combine it with old-school, Bill Pearl, Robert Kennedy style of bodybuilding

You need to try this workout today. The workout is an old-school point of flexion workout that will lead to high threshold motor unit recruitment and, ideally, better athletic performance.

1. Overhead Neutral Grip Tricep Extension

The exercise is simple. Standing up and holding a dumbbell in each hand with a neutral grip, you get a nice deep stretch and go back up. According to research released by Brad Schoenfeld, a ton of high-threshold motor units are recruited and triggered because of being in the overhead position with a neutral grip. This same exercise can be done with PowerLastic bands, which give a nice pump at the top. Hit about 17 to 20 reps for 5 sets.

2. High Bicep Cable Curl

You want to pair the overhead neutral grip tricep extensions with a high bicep cable curl. You want to think of how the bicep helps stabilize the shoulder. The high bicep cable curl position, which is a unique point of flexion, will lead to a lot of recruitment. Again, 5 sets of 17 to 20 reps with you doing the last rep to near failure.

3. Miracle-Gro

This is another overhead exercise in a semi-neutral grip position. You need to know that the miracle gro is a high-priority exercise for developing supreme tricep strength. 

To do the miracle gro, you want to set your upper back on a bench with your hips off the bench and a little below the chest. You want to grab the dumbbell with your hands held in a diamond. The miracle gro is similar to the pull-over, except the big difference is, that as you lengthen back and stretch your lats and triceps, you will flex your elbows. You will have a massive stretch in your triceps that you feel down through your abs and hips. As you pull, you want to pull lats and triceps, and then extend over your face. 

A lot of people say it is just a pullover. It’s not. You need to do the elbow flexion behind the head. Do multiple sets of 15 to 20 reps and your triceps will be so absurdly sore. 

4. Incline Curls

You are going to want to superset miracle gro’s with incline curls to not only annihilate your triceps but get those swelled-up biceps as well.

Incline curls present a huge benefit to lengthen your biceps and get a ton of motor unit recruitment. It all goes back to that point of flexion. Incline curls will help you lengthen your upper back and pecs. If you have tight pecs, you can raise the incline. However, if you can lay the incline back more, you get a better-stretched bicep which leads to better hypertrophy for your ever-expanding arms.

5. Banded Lean Away Extension

Once again, you are completing a neutral grip overhead movement. Except for this time the movement you are completing is the first in a triplet of exercises. Using a PowerLastic band, you will want to tie the band to a pull-up bar or something similar that will not move. Grab the PowerLastic band with the knuckles together, lean away, and hit 20 to 25 reps to get the dummy pump going. Let the knuckles operate like a cog in a clock when getting to the end range of extension.

How To Get Bigger Arms

6. Zottman Curls

The focus of this exercise is on the midrange point of flexion. You want to curl the dumbbells, rotate the wrists, and come back down. You will get a gnarly pump in the biceps and forearms. Do 17 to 30 reps, some crazy number until you can barely curl at all.

7. Banded Ghostface Kickback

Finishing off with hitting a different head of the tricep, you want to hit this easier-to-execute movement to prepare for going back to the lean away extension so the other heads are prepared to handle more load back in the overhead position. Ghostface kickbacks will create a ton of blood flow inside the tricep.

8. Forearm Roller

Remember, each exercise builds on the other. You are looking at training from different insertion points. Having completed that brutal triplet, you have to target the forearms if you want big arms. 

You want to do the foam roller until you can’t feel your fingers anymore. Do the forearm roller for a time frame of 3 to 5 minutes straight. The more time under tension you have, the more swole you are going to get.


If you are interested in further training resources, check out Per A. Tesch’s “Target Bodybuilding: Precision Lifting For More Mass And Greater Definition” and Robert Kennedy’s “Encyclopedia Of Bodybuilding” for great means of building upon your knowledge and training principles. Jerry Telle, the inventor of the Telle Extension, is another great academic resource for you to look into to develop your knowledge and training principles. 

At least you now know that recent research shows that using a neutral grip with your hand overhead will lead to greater stimulation of the long head of the tricep than if you are pushing down by your sides.  


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