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How To Do Resisted Sled Sprints For Speed

Having a harness helps you use a speed sled. With the harness, make sure you have a leaned-over posture the whole time you are sprinting with a load behind you. As you drive through, make sure your foot lands right underneath or slightly behind you as you are driving. If your foot lands in front of you it will break you down and force you to have to expend more energy to accelerate.

A big mistake in using a speed sled is running with a straight-up posture. At top speed, you want to sprint up tall, but when using the resistance of a speed sled you want to have an angle. Make sure the harness rope is stretched tight before sprinting.

You want to use the speed sled earlier in the workout, especially if you are using a lighter weight. A big key is to do a lot of reps to make sure you achieve an adaptation. You can do 8 to 10 sets of at least 15 yards of sprinting with the speed sled to cultivate your power.  

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