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Heels Elevated Goblet Squat

Heels Elevated Goblet Squats

Want to get the craziest quad pump possible? Try this exercise from the Peak Strength app

The heels elevated goblet squat! This movement is one of the easiest to perform physically but is extraordinarily challenging mentally.

Find a slant board to raise the heels accordingly, if there is no access to a slant board, put 10lb plates under the heels. This will enable the knees to track fairly far past the toes, lengthening the quads. The heels elevated goblet squat is one of the best tools to test mental fortitude of any athlete. 

Pick a load that an athlete can do for 30 reps. A lighter load for the heels elevated goblet squat. Now set a timer for 75 seconds. Use that same weight and for the the entire 75 seconds, do not stop doing the heels elevated goblet squat. I even recommend hitting it with a slower eccentric portion of the movement! 

The heels elevated goblet squat can improve quad strength, mental fortitude and even trunk control. Be sure to focus on holding a very rigid and upright posture while the knees track forward. In the past, we have even used this tool with sled pushes or leg extensions. Done over the 75 second sets, the heels elevated goblet squat can get you a massive pump in the quads! 

If you're looking for more unique exercises to fire up your quads, try Peak Strength to get 5 free workouts that are specific to your leg goals or your sport! 


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