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Bulgarian Split Squat


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Bulgarian Split Squat

Having a weak posterior chain can inhibit athletic growth AND fitness levels considerably.

Bulgarian Split Squat

Find stability with the rear leg elevated, ideally on a Garage Strength single leg roller. Prior to beginning all working sets, use a Garage Strength PVC pipe to enhance proprioception and stimulate foot functionality.

After properly establishing stability, find the right positioning with the front foot relative to the balance pad where the back knee will target. Some athletes with very tight hips and quads will struggle with their BACK leg due to the lengthening they will feel throughout that position. Slowly work through the eccentric portion of the lift and gently tap the back knee to the balance pad.

This is a cheat code that leads to a direct targeting on the posterior chain, especially when the front foot is 4-6” away from the balance pad. The athlete will have heightened sense of awareness from being in a unilateral position. This movement is arguably the best exercise to transfer to a plethora of sports. 

Do at least five sets each time there is a training session designed to use the Bulgarian split squat. In a perfect world, there will be a day devoted to heavier split squats with the rear leg elevated and then toward the end of the week, there will be a hypertrophic day using bodyweight or dumbbells. 


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