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What is one food you should not have in your diet?

Ask Dane Anything #2

Client: What is one food you should not have in your diet?

Dane: I don’t think it comes down to ONE food. I think it is much deeper than that. I believe foods that cause severe inflammation or lack any value from a nutrient perspective should be avoided. Foods with high fructose corn syrup, highly processed vegetable oils like soybean oil/corn oil/cottonseed oil/etc., and highly processed meats should all be avoided regularly.

Client: What are your PRs?

Dane: Oddly enough...I stare at my PR board every morning to remind myself I once had ability...just kidding. Here they are:

Benched 525 lbs Dipped 320lbs Snatched 145k/319 lbs Jerked 212k from behind the neck Deadlifted 685 lbs on a Sorinex hex bar DB Benched 165lb DBs for 13 reps Thrown a shot 60'10 inches Hitchhiked across Canada and back through the United States

Client: What is a fast warm up for olympic weightlifting? And cool down?

Dane: Fast...five minutes is fast for me. I would say 10 calories as fast as possible on the Assault bike followed by 10 reps of close grip overhead squat, PVC pipe walks x 30 meters, single leg squat for 10 reps each leg, 40 band pull aparts and 10 snatch presses in the hole.

Client: What are some arm exercises you can do in the hospital?

Dane: Air squats, lunges, band work. When Caitlin gave birth to Seneca and Keenan, I did handstand push ups in the hospital room, double leg bounds up the steps, jump lunges and burpees 3 times!

Client: Can you lose weight and still get stronger?

Dane: Absolutely. I believe with proper macronutrient timing and the correct form of training, strength gains can occur with weight loss. It is difficult but possible.

Client: Is there any truth to metabolic confusion based on body type?

Dane: I have never read actual scientific data that would go into “metabolic confusion.”

Client: When will you get more sweatshirts? It's winter and the only ones you have don't have sleeves?

Dane: Great question, lol. Our arms are so swole at Garage Strength, we don’t need sleeves. But in all seriousness, Jake was working on crewneck sweatshirts this past week. They shouldn’t be too far off.

Client: How many world records do you own? If so what are they?

Dane: Zero!!!

Client: Will you ever create a bumper sticker?

Dane: Potentially, we need a cool design that everyone likes and an affordable place to source the stickers.

Client: Will you ever sell singlets?

Dane: Along with sweatshirts, I do think we may end up creating a Garage Strength singlet. It’s hard when everyone on the Olympic weightlifting team makes Team USA, they get those sweet USA singlets and those are hard to pass up wearing in competition.

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