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    The gym we affectionately call, "The Garage" or "The Barn" has evolved into one of the area's premier training facilities. Owner Dane Miller began Garage Strength in 2008, when he recruited friends and relatives to train out of his parents garage. A few years into the business, Dane moved down the road to an 18th Century post and beam barn measuring 1100 square feet, owned by Dane's sister, Kai, and her husband Brandt. In 2010 Dane expanded the barn to accommodate for the space needed for Olympic lifting platforms. In 2017 we moved again to the current facility at 8832 Allentown Pike in Fleetwood, PA. We have returned to a "Garage" with three times the space of the former facility. As the gym grows, we work hard to maintain the character and grit that our clients love about Garage Strength!

     Notable Visiters

    The Garage has been a stopping point for elite athletes from all over the country. The following Olympians have trained at Garage Strength's facility over the past several years. How many Olympians have trained at your gym?

    Gudni Gudmunsson

    Justin Rohde

    Ryan Whiting

    Norik Vardanian

    Jenny Arthur

    Alex Lee

    Alex Rose

    Frank Molinaro