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developmental strength

Developmental Strength Classes

Sessions are for athletes ages in grades 5-8. 

Develop speed, agility, and strength foundations. 

Learn personal responsibility, goal setting, 

and accountability.

a great introduction to strength and conditioning for our youngest training group.

Our youth sessions are a fun and focused way to introduce young and developing athletes into the world of strength training and sports performance. 
Athletes are taught safe and effective ways to lift weights, jump, and move to enhance their ability to sprint and change directions. We also focus on developing confidence with movement patterns and persistence to persevere in difficult situations. 


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Fall / Winter Session 


All sessions take place at Garage Strength Training facility in 8832 Allentown Pike, Fleetwood, PA. 

This class is specifically for athletes in grades 5 - 8. They will have a specific program as follows:

  • Technical Coordination = movements to promote coordination throughout the body activating multiple muscle groups. Also helps explosiveness within their sports.
  • Absolute Strength = movements to promote strength increases for better stability and power.
  • Accessories = Working on the minute muscle groups to further progress the larger muscle groups while also promoting injury prevention.
  • Competition = Getting the kids to compete to promote mental toughness within their sports.

Drop-In Rates  

$30 (when space is available)

Select this option to attend any youth classes during the session. Convenience and flexibility to fit your schedule. We know families have lots of activities going on during the summer. This option allows you to fit in the training your child wants on the dates that work for you.

Your child will gain strength, and learn new skills that he or she can apply under a parents supervision once the session is over. This is great for kids who play other sports, but they still want to benefit from speed, strength, and agility training.

Call or email for availability.

484 - 575 - 1502 / support@garagestrength.com


Development of a Champion

We agree with you. Participation trophies do not equal success. Becoming a champion takes hard work and dedication, often over long periods of time. We create the environment for your child to learn what is possible. We teach skills that are both physical and mental components for success.

Sometimes athletes need help seeing the end goal, and we will guide him or her every step of the way. We know what your child is capable of. They just need to believe it. 

  • Custom Workouts. Every child is different, and so is every program we develop. We keep the exercises varied to develop the best possible combination of movements for each stage and development. When an athlete makes progress, and we adjustments to continue the momentum.

  • Sport Specific. We tailor training programs for the goals in each athlete's sport or training regimen. 

  • Focused Training. Youth athletes learn mental fortitude. We keep workouts exciting and competitive, but also challenging. The magic is in doing this consistently. 💪🏾

When Should Kids Start Training?

Two of the most common things parents ask is: 

Will lifting stunt my child's growth? 

I thought kids should not begin training or lifting until after puberty?

It is important that parents are accurately informed on what is beneficial and what can be harmful to kids training and lifting at a young age.

  • Physical Maturation - General stability and coordination are developed well before puberty. As long as your child can complete basic body weight movements, they can be physically mature enough to strength train.

  • Mental Attentiveness - Sets and reps are prescribed by a trainer throughout a training session. Your child will need to be accountable for their own workout without taking shortcuts or forgetting exercises.

  • Training Age - An eight year old that has been training for 2 years can move a barbell weighing 60 lbs. more efficiently than a twelve year old who never trained before. The body is constantly learning to adapt to stressful situations. With proper supervision a child can start training at any age.

If you are not sure if your child is ready, bring her in to try out a class. Our trainers would be happy to run your child through a short workout. They can provide feedback to help you determine if your child is developmentally ready for structured strength training.

Why Should Youth Athletes Strength Train?

In the past decade we have trained athletes as young as seven to be faster, more explosive, and more agile players. Youth athletes gain strength and movement patterns that will help them be more proficient in any sport. Training reduces the occurrence of on field injury, and increases player confidence! 

Youth athletes love to train. They are enthusiastic about getting strong and fast, but they don't know how to stay safe and get results. We have kids do exercises that are appropriate for their age and development. They gain strength and movement patterns that will help them be proficient on and off the field, court or in the pool.

  • The nervous system to becomes more efficient, so kids learn to react more quickly when jumping or changing directions
  • Protect against accidental injury by training shock absorption, body awareness, and spacial awareness
  • Athletes are engaged in fun, time tested, drills and skills that will keep kids wanting to learn more and grow in their athletic pursuits. Sports teams are great, but teaching kids to be successful in their own pursuits is the reason why we create champions. 

Benefits of Youth Training

Resistance training is an incredible method to enhance various means of sports performance and mental development. Kids will learn how to move efficiently and increase strength and explosiveness while simultaneously developing work ethic and accountability

Dane M Miller
Founder of Garage Strength Sports Performance

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Where is Garage Strength?

  • 15 min from Reading, PA

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  • 1 hour from Philadelphia, PA


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