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You Don't Need to Hit Big Weight in Training to Hit it in a Meet

You Don't Need to Hit Big Weight in Training to Hit it in a Meet

Bottom line: Technique rules. If you have the ultimate technique the weight will follow. I struggle a lot with this myself. I always find myself stuck thinking I need to feel the weight. I used to think lifting heavy is what got you to be a champion, but I have slowly been learning that its the complete opposite.

Technique Over Everything:

Big weight happens when the technique is perfected. A lot of lifters get away with hitting good weight with bad technique, but it will eventually catch up to them when they are transitioning into being an elite athlete. This can also result in injuries and could end a lifters career quick. Moving 50% of your best perfectly will translate over to the heavyweight. You always see the best weightlifters with the best technique! It's that simple. Sopita Tanasan (48 kg Olympic Champion) snatched 93kg at the 2018 World Championships to set a new world record and win her session. She posted on her Instagram about a day later saying she didn't snatch over 85 kg leading up to this meet. At first, I was blown away, I couldn't believe she stayed that light, but then I started thinking about how good her technique is. She is easily a top 10 technician in Olympic Lifting. This is when it really clicked for me that the training weight doesn't matter. Yes, it is fun to lift super heavy, but it will never be a deciding factor in competition results.

Changing Your Training Mindest:

Another way to hit big weight in competition and not in training is your mindset. You need to learn how to be okay with lighter more technical days in training. The mindset in training needs to be different from the competition. In a competition, you need to turn off your brain and just lift. During training when prepping for a competition you have to have a technical mindset. You establish great movement and then smash weight in competition. It's also very important being confident in yourself regardless of the weight. Knowing you can hit a weight goes a long way.

The most important lesson to take away from this is technique. No lifter will be stopped with perfect technique and movements. When the time comes, you will be ready, and your body will be set up to succeed!

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