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Tips on what to eat to lose weight while gaining muscle

Ask Dane Anything #1: On Site Clients with Practical Questions

Client: Tips on what to eat to lose weight while being able to gain muscle, have no idea. I don’t want to lose too much weight I’m not that worried about it, but I gained a bit since college and feel flabby everywhere 🤦🏼‍….

Dane: Losing weight is much more specific to nutrition than anything else. Focusing on your diet is imperative for gains of lean muscle mass which will lead to improvement of body composition. I recommend focusing entirely on eating whole foods followed by optimal supplementation (EFM baby!). Start by understanding your daily caloric consumption and figure out what you are eating to get to that caloric intake. After that is understood, focus on changing dietary habits for long term progress. This is a simple answer but I will provide a sample day below.

    1. Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 cups of coffee with 1 TBSP GelatinPro….Snack: 1 half banana….Lunch: 1 half banana, large taco salad with 4oz ground beef, salsa, half tbsp of sour cream, Kombucha….Pre-Workout: 1 orange with Stammpede….Post-Workout: 1 heaping scoop of Earth Fed Muscle whey protein in 10-12oz milk...Dinner: 4oz chicken with lots of steamed broccoli and one baked potato with 1TSP of butter...Bedtime: ZMA Advanced
    2. Buy an in-depth nutrition plan from Garage Strength

Client: How long before the workout am I supposed to take the preworkout?

Dane: Typically 20-30 minutes after the warm up will be finished.

Client: Stretches for the IT band. That’s where I’m feeling it the most with lifting and can’t seem to get a good stretch with it.

Dane: This or This

Client: What do you suggest I do, stretching or otherwise, to get as strong as possible. I wanna see how far I can push myself, but I’m weak as fuck right now?


  1. Yoga twice a week for thirty minutes is a perfect start.
    1. Ask myself for 3-4 stretches to alternate between every other day after the workout concludes.
    2. Purchase a simple mobility plan at the front desk for $30, this will include 5 days of stretching and could be something you use long term.

Client: Also….not get burnt out or injured for that matter. Meaning how do you lift so heavy almost every day and still feel good?


    1. This focus needs to be about lifting “heavier” one day and then another day could be bodybuilding based while the third day could be cardio based.
    2. I think to avoid the burn out, set lifting goals and inform us of those goals and work toward those goals! That will improve motivation which will lead to excellent progress in the weight room.

Client: Do you suggest cardio as well as weightlifting, like traditional running and what not or do you have alternatives for that?


    1. I do not support traditional “running.” I prefer cardio that involves weights or the rower or the Assault bike. More similar to interval training that you may be more familiar with as a collegiate athlete.
    2. I 100% support lots of cardio in the form of walking. Walking 10-20 minutes daily is incredible not only from a cardiovascular system but also for the mind!

Client: I like the way the pre-workout makes me feel, I know you suggested two days, but can I take it before every workout If I wanted to?


    1. I think pre-workout three days a week is plenty...BUT, four days is fine. Could take it for the leg lifts, the cardio day and one easy upper body day. Maybe the fifth lifting session is based around your upper body training.

Client: Should I be having a protein shake (Earth Fed of course) after every workout?


    1. YES! 25-35 grams of whey protein will lead to big gains in lean muscle mass.
    2. What’s the best way to improve body composition? Gain lean muscle mass!

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