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Why is Meditation Effective?

Why is Meditation Effective?

Do you find yourself overwhelmed at work, school, or stressed about family life? Most people can relate to at least one of these. Making it very difficult to focus on yourself and the things that really matter most. A simple solution to these problems is meditation. Meditation is one of the best ways to relieve stress in your life. You just have to do it!

Some people will claim that they do not have time for meditation, but it only takes 10 minutes! Everyone can fit in a 10-minute meditation session a day, and it will help you more than you know! The app Headspace is a guided meditation app that has 10-minute sessions. Bostock did a study of 238 people doing meditation for 10 minutes a day. At the end of a 6 week study period, the people that performed more than 10 meditation sessions of 10-20 minutes felt better, were less anxious, and had less depressive symptoms. This means if you take 20 minutes of that 10,080 minutes in a week, you will seriously reduce stress in your life!

Stress has also been shown to slow down muscle recovery in athletes. Which can result in 10-20% loss over a longer period of time! This is why meditation is so effective for athletes. It is simple, the more you meditate the more you will gain, making it hard to argue against meditation! Why wouldn't you incorporate something into your life that will make it easier?

Meditation has helped me in so many ways. Not only to destress my life but help me in training. Before I started meditation I always found myself with a massive amount of anxiety. I bite my fingernails bad and overthink every situation because I could never handle stress. I do yoga in the mornings for 15 minutes and do 3 sets of 30 breathes with a breath hold at the end at night before bed. Since starting my meditation I have noticed an extreme amount of relief in my everyday life, which allows me to focus more on my lifting and work. Meditation is very effective in all aspects of life. Everyone can find 10 minutes of time during the day! Which means everyone should meditate!

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