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How Important is Training Environment?

How Important is Training Environment?

I think training environment all depends on the person. Some people do really well with a nonenergetic or exciting environment because they are very good at self-motivation. While others really strive off a crowd and group of people. I would say for me a good training environment is very important. I feed off of others energy and lifts that they hit. It is important for me to have individuals with similar goals as me to train with because everyone stays motivated. I train a lot with only one or two people and I would say the only hard part about that is when I am getting ready for a big meet. While prepping for a big meet the lifts get heavier and training gets harder. Making it difficult to train by yourself. So try and have the most ideal environment for you!

A lot of people do not need a good training environment to be successful in weightlifting. Some people put headphones in and go. They do not care about what's going on with anyone else except themselves because they like that internal battle. They do not need big lifts or loud yells to smash weight. Not saying that that will not help, but it is not what they look for in a training environment. They look for a good coach who works great with them, and a program that fits all their needs. A more introverted person would be described as someone who doesn't care about training environment.

Now some people (like me) really strive off of a great training environment. I love the loud music, yells, and a ton of people training with me. It allows me to almost “put on a show” for them and gets me excited to crush training. I can train well on my own, but days that I feel really sore and tired I need those training partners to get me going. A lot of people will move out to a gym just for the training environment. A group of world team members and really motivated lifters can do wonders for a person, Showing you how much some people value a training environment.

At the end of the day, you have to find what works for you. Here at Garage Strength, we are surrounded by individuals with very similar dreams and goals, making it a very good and unique training environment. This is exactly why we train champions.

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