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Top 3 Olympic Lifts for Lineman

Low Hang Snatch: Low hang snatch is a very effective movement for offensive and defensive linemen to utilize. To start, you need to pick the bar up off the ground with good form, this means you have a tight back, tight lats and your knees are back off the floor. Engaging these muscles off the floor will significantly strengthen them. This movement also simulates the power stance you get into before any play starts. After pulling from the floor, you need to explode up using all the muscle groups you just engaged. This is exactly what you need to explode off the line and have that quick first step that will help you win any battle in the trenches. Finally, catching the snatch deep in the hole will help loosen up your hips, upper back and shoulders while also strengthening them to help with better all around movements on the football field.

Full Clean Off 2 Boxes: The lineman position tends to get a little lazy. Their focus is usually set solely on wanting to explode into someone, put them on their back and then lay on top of them. That is where this olympic movement comes into play. Getting set in the same good form as outlined above and then exploding right off the 2 boxes is exactly where the “power position” is for any football player. This directly correlates to the moment right before contact is made on an opposing player. Exploding off the boxes and bringing the hips through is just like exploding into the opponent and driving through them to get the job done. Catching the weight deep in the hole also strengthens and stabilizes your core and back. Two key muscle groups that need to be strong for any great lineman.

No Feet Power Clean: No feet power cleans are a lineman's dream lift. It teaches you how to continuously apply force to the ground throughout the lift. This is exactly what you need to do when exploding into someone to block them before driving them into the dirt. It also correlates to the movement of trying to get around an offensive lineman by exploding and staying grounded while using your weight to bend the edge to go make a successful play on the ball.

If you are interested in more strength movements for lineman check out this video:


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