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Strength Training For Badminton

You NEED to train strength for badminton because it is one of the fastest games in the world. Thinking about badminton you have to look at sports that are similar to tennis. With badminton and the speed at which it occurs, you have to focus on speed, the trunk, and ankles to impact what happens on the court.

The first aspect is improving your ability to change direction on the court. You can think of it as improving your agility. Improving agility means improving impulse. An impulse is exhibiting a large amount of force in a short period. Having better impulse allows your body to execute your premeditated plan on shot placement and put yourself in the best position to hit a return.

Having a positive impulse score in training means having a solid reaction in training to enhance your ability to improve force output in a short period. Blast impulse occurs in under half a second. 

To continue improving agility you need good mobility. Changing your knee and shin angle helps you decelerate faster in conjunction with impulse. The change of direction work and mobility work will also allow for faster acceleration and movement into better positions.

In badminton, you also need to train your dynamic trunk control. Serving or returning a shot requires you to calculate the position of the rack and the trunk to adjust your body on the court to make better shots. Running full speed and cutting requires dynamic trunk control. Holding a better position with the trunk allows you to make better shots with the arms. Dynamic trunk control also helps with your impulse score.

From there you want to think about improving your overall explosive performance. Training your vertical jump will still have an impulse in it, but it will also make you as explosive as possible through plyometric training. Better jumping ability on the court can lead to better shots and allow you to return more shots by being more explosive. 

Finally, you need power endurance for the sport of badminton. Badminton requires you to be on point mentally when fatigued. You have to improve your technical execution when fatigued. Cyclical-based training can put you in a fatigued state. In that fatigued state, you can use your rest period to hit the shuttlecock. Through this protocol, you will train your mental acuity with the technical aspects of the badminton racquet.

Training resistance-based work with technical work can operate as a contrast method to allow you to be more precise when fatigued with your power endurance.

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