New Options for Technical Analysis – Garage Strength

New Options for Technical Analysis

You can now purchase two different options for a technical analysis on the Garage Strength store.

Full Length Reviews

Here is a technical analysis of Grace Powers. She and her coach has been working with Dane online for several months to refine Grace's technique in the shot and discus. She has made some great improvements in recent months. Check out more reviews like this one on YouTube.

Instagram Reviews

We have a new economical option for 1-minute long IG review. Its important for athletes to focus on only one or two cues at a time. This type of review allows an athlete to get the cues that will help them make immediate changes and better long term progress. Once a skill is mastered, a new review can shift the athlete's focus onto another technical aspect to work on. 

Check out more reviews from Dane on Instagram @ThrowsUniversity.

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