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How To Military Press

Doing the military press you want your feet flat against the ground. You want your back against the bench and your butt is nice and tight against the back of the bench as well.

You want your elbows slightly in with the chest and eyes forward. You don’t want to be too far out. The shoulders into the armpits are at ninety degrees. You push straight up and overhead with the dumbbells in line with your ears. 

You do not need the dumbbells to touch together at the top. Just make sure you are pressing up in a straight line. A good cue you can use is to think of a string hanging from the ceiling and the dumbbells going in a straight line through the string to the ceiling.

A few common errors you see with the military press is that your feet might flare out in front of you which can lead to a bad base of support. You might also commit the error of pushing one arm at a time or the other arm is moving out of sync. You may also find your head is moving away from the dumbbells.

You want to keep yourself nice and tall and press straight overhead. You need to control the dumbbells. Don’t let the weight control you.

You can do the military press as an accessory movement later in a workout where you do the exercise for 4 to 6 sets in the rep range of 3 to 10 reps. 

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