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Homers for Gains

Ever carry a baby for a long period of time? How about carrying twins in the arms, walking around for 2 hours? What would you notice? How about serious tension and a pump in your biceps? Well, trust me on this one, that is exactly what happens! 

At Garage Strength, we have invented a crazy arm blaster known as “Homers.” Named after the crazy, Homer Hiester, mainly because Homer was the first individual to try out this movement. So what does it entail?

Start with dumbbells at 90 degrees, walk 30 meters while holding them DB’s at 90 degrees, get to the end of 30 meters and curl them 10-12 times, then immediately walk back holding them at 90 degrees. Finish the walk of 30 meters and then curl them again 10-12 times. Your arms will be BLOWN to shreds. Your veins will be bulging and you will be in serious discomfort. 

Find some more crazy information about Homer’s, here:

Not only will this movement improve the muscle mass of the head of your bicep, but it will also improve a number of other aspects regarding strength training and sports performance. Our biceps have evolved to be slower twitch muscle groups, relative to their cousins, the triceps. By keeping the biceps under tension for a very long period of time and then synergistically targeting them with concentric and eccentric movements, the muscle group will grow tremendously! What other positive aspects may happen?

 Improve grip strength

 Increase bicep strength during chin-ups

 Enhance tolerance of discomfort during training

 Improve symptoms of elbow tendonitis

 Increase performance in wrestling, field hockey, football, lacrosse, throwing

This movement added nearly a FULL INCH to the size of my own bicep in a matter of four weeks. This result was absolutely phenomenal! To find out more about the research we did on this Experiment and other Experiments like it, head over to www.SecretStrengthExperiments.com today for even more information!
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