Distractionless Training: Not Letting External Distractions Disrupt Tr – Garage Strength

Distractionless Training: Not Letting External Distractions Disrupt Training

Distractionless Training: Not Letting External Distractions Disrupt Training

There are distractions everywhere during training, Making it a very big factor in a training atmosphere. Your mind has to be focused and ready for training. This means not letting anything bother you or distract you from the task at hand. Here are four different types of distractions and ways you can avoid them.

  1. Cell Phones:

Cell phones are the worst distraction in my opinion. Weightlifters have their phones out way too much and are negatively impacted by it! An example of this is someone will snatch and immediately go on their phone. They then lose track of time and before you know it you are sitting for 5+ minutes and are no longer warm, making you miss the next lift. Also, some athletes will video a rep and then over analyze it after the attempts. There are two problems with this. First, do not analyze your own lift. You do not coach yourself,  leave it up to your coach. Second, This leads to overcorrecting.

  1. Post Set Conversation:

After each set lifters tend to find themselves going deep in conversation. This can lead to over resting and failed attempts. This also allows your mind to wander off of training and makes it very difficult to refocus. Keep talking after sets and reps to a minimum and try to only conversate when it involves technical changes.

  1. Music/Headphones:

No one cares what music is playing and it should not be a distraction. Headphones drive me nuts. You can not wear them during competition so why practice with them? Also, it doesn't allow the coach to give proper cues during training because they can not hear what the coach is saying!

  1.  Worrying About Someone other Than You:

I am subject to this myself. When you have someone that is the same weight class as you, it is hard to block them out. It can be very distracting when your opponent is hitting more weight than you. Try and block them out and be as focused as possible!

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