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Can you Overtrain?

Can you Overtrain?

There is always a lot of questions about whether overtraining is a big issue in weightlifter. I would say if you are an elite athlete that recovers like an elite athlete than no, overtraining is not an issue. If you train like an elite athlete and recover like a mediocre athlete than yes, overtraining can be an issue.

First, I want to talk about how overtraining can be avoided. Being an Olympic weightlifter I am constantly lifting and doing a lot of movements that cause a lot of stress on my body. Overtraining can easily occur for me if I am not on top of my recovery properly. This means my protein intake, after training recovery, and daily routines to increase my mobility and body function. On some training programs, I will have 2 days in a row with a squat. Let's say its the first day I smash weight and am moving really well, but the next day I am only about 70% of what the weight was yesterday. This is an example of overtraining. One of the best ways to help this issue is to consume more protein after the first workout. This will feed your body and allow you to perform at a higher level without your body fatiguing. Overtraining can also be avoided by having a proper weightlifting program and having a coach with knowledge in overtraining. All this can be avoided by switching up training. You should not lift heavy all the time. Having days that are lighter allows your body to catch up on recovery. Balance is very important!

I now want to talk about my favorite things to do to avoid overtraining. In the morning I love active stretching/yoga. This allows your body to wake up and begin moving properly right away. This also calms your mind and increases energy and vitality which is key in recovery. Yoga is also very good for injury prevention, being at the top of my list for overtraining. Next is Proper protein intake. Protein consumption should at the very least be 1.5-2 grams per kilo of body weight. I know this seems like a lot, but with all the lifting and activity going on in an athletes life they need all this protein to maintain proper feeling. I then like to implement things like the Normatec and TimTam or any percussion massage device. This speeds up your body’s recovery process and allows lactic acid to leave the body faster. These recovery tools are used most frequently by me after my workouts and in the morning. Lastly, I recommend seeing mobility doctor or a chiropractor once a week that you really trust. John Giacalone of Mobility Docs is who I see every Saturday. He works on anything that is bugging me throughout the week and gets me feeling 100% for the new week.

My advice would be this: The harder you train, the harder you have to recover. You can't expect your body to perform at a high level if you don't prepare it for a high level! The more you recovery the more successful you will be in the sport of weightlifting.

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