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A Few Of Our Favorite Things

Many families missed out on in-person celebrations the past few years. That means this might be the one of a handful of times your whole family has gotten together since pre-pandemic times. 

To kick off the holiday season, we want to give you a peek behind the scenes to learn more about the team here at Garage Strength. Below we chat about our favorite foods and activities along with what we’re most thankful for this year.

We hope our ideas inspire you to try something new this year, or at least help you remember how to do the holiday right!


Favorite Holiday Foods
Favorite Holiday Activities
What We Are Thankful For

Favorite Holiday Foods

My mom makes the best Christmas cookies. She gets together with a friend, and they make 12 different kinds, and they all taste amazing. I still can't pass up a few cookies during the holidays, but the point is, set yourself up for success by expecting the cookie weakness. 

Adapt your caloric consumption in other parts of the day, and don't eat the whole tray! But please, enjoy a cookie.

Other top favorites came in the main dishes. Beef Tenderloin. Mmmmm .... And any type of potatoes, sweet, mashed, or fried. 

Lastly, shrimp cocktail, crab cakes, and other special seafood dishes are GS Team favorites during the holiday season.

Favorite Holiday Activities

1. Family Walk or Run

If you can't get the the gym, or even if you can, it's great to get in some cardio activity and involve the entire family. My 11 year old son, came along for a for a 3.5 mile run recently and blew me away. I never thought he was going to be able to last for the entire run, and I had my mom on stand by to pick him up if needed. Not only did he have the endurance to go the distance, he sprinted the last 100 meters to prove that he is faster than his old man.

slow eccentric

2. Enjoy A Cocktail 

It may not fit your macros, but it's okay to let loose a little during this time of year. Of coarse, please drink responsibly. (Any only if you are of age to consume.)

The holidays are an important time to relax and connect with loved ones. And if you are staying at a family's place, there is no need to worry about driving home. 

However, if you aren't staying over, grab a ride Uber / Lyft!

If you don't indulge, check out this list of great non-alcoholic options. 

Watch Some Football

We will be watching Nick Singleton and Penn State take on Utah in the Rose Bowl on January 2nd. The Garage Strength graduate was ranked Big Ten Freshman of the year and racked up some impressive stats heading into the post season.

Pro favorites include PA state rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburg Steelers. We will be following along, cheering on our favorite teams, and trash talking as much as possible. 

What We're Thankful For This Year

Hands down, the number one answer to this question is you.

Thank you for watching our videos and reading these pages. This gym and YouTube Channel would be impossible without you. Every morning, we wake up excited to get to work because of the fantastic comments you leave, and videos you tag us in. Keep it up! We love it!!

Want to show us what you’re up to and what you are doing? Tag us on IG @garagestrength and @peakstrengthapp and use the hashtag #cultivateyourpower so we can follow along with your journey!

Our team is also thankful for our Founder and CEO, Dane Miller, for being the swöle leader he is. We really appreciate you!

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