Olympic Weightlifting Specialty Programs

The Weightlifting Specialty Programs are written for specific applications in developing the Olympic lifts. Each of these programs have been performed by our athletes to produce ridiculous results including National champions and world team members at every level!

Bodybuilding for Olympic Weightlifting

This program will help you push your classic lifts, improve your leg strength while leading to more hypertrophic gains in the upper body! We take all of the technique and strength work needed for the Olympic lifts and proceed to supplement those days with TWO specific upper body bodybuilding days. These days provide a nice mental break and a HUGE muscular pump, something many weightlifters have never experienced! 

$ 59.99

In this 4-week program we will give you lift variations and programming cues that will facilitate specific attention to detail on the most important aspects of each lift. Get on the road to better technique now!

This 8-week Peak Program will not only give you the right volume, but give you variations to hone in your technique to hit a that massive total on the day of competition!

The 8-week long Strong Legs Program will hammer your squats, building a ridiculously strong base that will carry over to all your other lifts. Get ready to squat a ton and build those massive legs!

The 4-week Perfect Catch Program is designed to develop a consistent catch that you can depend on. Be confident when you throw the bar overhead that it will be in the perfect position by using the specific variations built into this program.

This 4-week post-peak program will help you build back a base so that you can realign towards your goals and conquer whatever training lies ahead!

With the 4-week Jerk Improvement Program we will drive home catching in a stable position in your jerk, strengthening everything from your abs on the dip to a massive drive, to a consistent catch overhead!

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