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Class Guide

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Universal Training 

$20 / session

This class is available at all times the gym is open. 

Any client can sign up for this class including new clients.

The program will be individualized for the needs and goals of the athletes. Exercise selection will be determined by the trainer.

All ages and abilities welcome.

Specialty Classes

$30 / session

A group of highly specialized classes designed for specific athlete populations. Class programs are developed for sport specific needs including considerations for in-season athletes.

Classes include:

  • Football / Rugby Training
  • Basketball / Volleyball
  • Speed and Agility Training
  • Wrestling Training
  • Track Strength Training
  • In-Season Training
  • Baseball / Swimming
  • Lacrosse Training
  • Youth Training - Details Here


$50 /session

This class is run by Garage Strength owner and world class strength coach, Dane Miller.

Athletes programs are predetermined by on-site or personal coaches. 

Classes use traditional weightlifting movements and variations including, snatch, clean and jerk, squats, and accessory movements.

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