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A Healthy Relationship with the Scale

You don't need a scale. This doesn't mean you should not be aware of the relative number where you fall. But don't be owned by the number. Your weight is supposed to fluctuate. 

Focus your time and energy on healthy eating and real food. Start with breakfast. No, cereal doesn't count. All cereals are highly processed and completely void of nutrition even the healthy ones. Try a piece of fruit with unsweetened yogurt. Real oatmeal, not the quick kind, with butter and maple syrup. Short on time, have a protein shake with a scoop of Earth Fed Muscle and raw milk! It takes time to prep meals and make good choices. I try to have a package of beef jerky in my bag for a nutritious snack so I don't fall for calorie dense packaged foods when hunger strikes. Rely upon real foods for quick meals like eggs, cheese, ground meats, so eating out is not a daily occurrence when you are short on time.

Purchase and wear clothes that make you feel comfortable in your own skin. There is no use in looking at someone else with envy because they have an adorable new crop top AND they look fabulous in it! You decide to buy one and use it as motivation to lose ten pounds. You are better off investing your time and energy searching for styles that flatter your body type and shape. If you feel good in it, you probably look good too. Confidence is sexy, with or without the crop top!

Exercise because it's good for your mental and physical health. I lift weights because when I hit good numbers I feel good about myself. I am more patient with my children and nicer to my friends and colleagues. I think I look better when I work out, even though I probably look like a complete wreck when I stop at the grocery store on my way home from the gym.

Own less mirrors. This goes along with the scale. You should know how you look at a glance, but never stand in front of a mirror long enough to search for your flaws. Also don't stand in front of the mirror taking selfies and admiring your looks. Arrogance doesn't look good on anyone. Is there gum in your hair or a stain on your shirt? Do your socks match? Okay, you should be good to go!

I check my weight on a regular basis at the gym, particularly when I am getting close to competitions (I compete as a 58k lifter). In the past I have cut weight to get to 58, particularly after my second son was born, and I was about 63 kilos several months postpartum. I walk around at about 58 kilograms on a regular basis. If my weight is slightly higher than I consider it my training weight. You should be able to hit bigger weights when you are heavier, so it's a good excuse to try for some PR attempts. If my weight is slightly under where I should be, I don't feel bad indulging in some ice cream. Know what a healthy weight is for you. And then only check your weight enough so you know you are in range.

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