Strength and Conditioning at Garage Strength

Strength and Conditioning at Garage Strength

Why I Only Trained at Garage Strength

It never crossed my mind why I have always stuck with Garage Strength until now. I guess it was just a perfect environment for me, so much so that the thought of changing gyms was nonexistent. I have always been happy with where I am at and what I'm doing in training, making it really hard to complain about anything.

When I started training here I was in 8th grade. I was training for wrestling and that was it. I thought I was the next “State Champion”. During my first year of training, I picked up Olympic weightlifting. This was very new to both me and Dane but we decided to give it a shot. I completed about 6 months after starting and I was hooked. Dane grew with the sport and threw all of his knowledge on me. He constantly studied to get better and wanted nothing more than for me to be successful. I knew he truly believed in me and it made me want to be good for not only myself but for him. Dane slowly grew to become what I truly believe is the best coach in America. Making this only one of the many reasons why I never left. Why would you go somewhere else worse than the place you are currently going? We constantly have world team members and national champions and we smash shit. The environment in my gym is incredible. I would put it up against any other gym out there.

Not only are we a beast weightlifting gym, but we are also a family. We have each other back and we don't just let it become a “gym”. We truly care about every person that trains here and they think the same way about us. This is another big reason I have only been at Garage Strength. You don't want to leave the gym. My best friends are at the gym. These are my people and this is where I want to be. I liked the gym bond and feel so much I started working here. I just wanted to be in the gym all the time and I didn't want to miss anything. Some of my most exciting times are in the gym, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. The gym is a family and we always will be.

The real conclusion to this is that I never needed to train anywhere else. I've had every tool I've ever needed at Garage Strength and It helped me and continues to help me grow into the man I am today. Garage Strength is a family, and you don't leave a family.

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