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What To Do When You Fail ...


When You Fail…

Have a prepared list of questions. Checkdown each option and see what happened to cause a failed lift.
1. Did you miss because of a technical error or mental error?

2. Were you focused prior to the rep?

3. Were you focused on hitting positions or just blasting through the lift?

4. If it was a technical error, find a cue to fix that problem and regroup and fix it.

5. If it was a mental focus issue, identify what type of focus problem it was…
a. Daydreaming before rep
b. Daydreaming during rep
c. Thinking about dinner
d. Scared of the weight
e. Not believing in yourself
f. Being overly aggressive and just trying to rush the rep because it is heavy instead of using technical prowess.
g. Trying to figure out if Dane is fucking with you and causes a confused mental state.

6. If it is a technical error…
a. Was the bar forward off the floor?
b. Did you bang the bar forward or bang it and loop?
c. Were you on your toes as the bar past the knee?
d. Were you slow in the catch?
e. Was your gut weak or back not firing?
f. Did you rush out of the bottom?
g. Were you too narrow or too forward or too backward in the split?

7. Finally, sometimes the weight is just heavy and that is why you failed. With that being said, this should only happen very occasionally...BUT it is important to know where this point is...the best lifters know where their 100% is and the VERY BEST know they are capable of 105%, even if they have never hit those numbers. It is ok to fail on a weight that is simply too heavy.

Do a quick check down of what went wrong, identify the issue then use cues from previous experiences and feelings and variations to fix the error. If you fail again, drop the weight and simply focus on getting a better technical feeling for the exercise. We can always build strength in squats and pulls but the best technique is grown with minimal fails and a strong focus to feel correct positions and be aware of what is poor movement or what is proper movement.

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