Under-25 Nationals and University Championships – Garage Strength

Under-25 Nationals and University Championships

Garage Strength Weightlifting sent four lifters to the Inaugural Under-25 Nationals and University Championships in New Orleans, Louisiana. Three of those lifters won national titles. Jordan Wissinger, won the under-25 title in the 69kilo category. DJ Shuttleworth won the under-25 title in the 94 kilo category, and Jules Riotto won the 75 kilo class for the women in both under-25 and university nationals competitions. Tanner Reichardt competed in the 77 kilogram men's class, but he did not post a total. 

Jordan Wissinger earned a gold medal in the total for under-25 championships. He earned a bronze for total in the University category. Here is Jordan's best snatch:


DJ missed his first two lifts at 140k and then came back with make on his third attempt. He made his first two clean and jerks at 170 and 175 and he made a big jump to 190 and missed the jerk. A little shaky performance from everyone's favorite Garage Strength's, but we are glad he was able to pull his act together to bring home the championship.

Jules Riotto went 5/6 and lifted like the total stud that she is. She earned 5 gold medals and one silver. She tied for the best clean and jerk in Universities, but earned a silver by the standard body weight tie breaker.

Tanner missed all three of his snatch attempts. He decided to forgo his remaining attempts in clean and jerk after a missed opener. More to come from Tanner in the future.

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