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Improve Technique in the Olympic Lifts | Here is the secret ...

People are ALWAYS looking for the best way to move technically and to get stronger and to hit better positions.  What is THE BEST way to go about imprinting this strength and positions into movement? Is it drop sets, is it high volume, is it through variations?  All of these are quite valuable but I have found the best way to get athletes to have consistently crisp technique is through one thing….WAVES!!!!

How: Using the snatch as an example, let’s say an athlete has a max snatch of 100k.  Pick three weights around 75%/85% and 90%.  With easy math, that puts us at 75k/85k and 90k.  Now get the weights set up and understand that the rest period cannot be longer than 1:30.

  • Hit a triple at 75k, rest 1:30
  • Hit a double at 85k rest 1:30
  • Hit a single at 90k rest 1:30 and head back to the top for another triple

Repeat this protocol 3 times!!! Do this for four weeks and slowly progress the intensity of the weight as the technique improves and the feelings get better.

Why: Using various intensity and rep schemes forces the body to feel different loads.  This makes learning a LITTLE bit more difficult and when learning is difficult, the body has a stronger memory!!!  

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