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The Difference Between a Good Coach and a Good Boss

The Difference Between a Good Boss and a Good Coach

Sometimes it is hard for me and Dane because we have such a unique relationship. We started as just athlete and coach, but as time continued we also became employee and boss. As I started lifting at Garage Strength before I worked here Dane figured me out as an athlete and how to communicate with me that way. Once I started working for him the relationship of athlete to coach almost overlapped. This was very brief as the business grew. More responsibilities fell on the employees and we had to be treated differently. Now when I say different I do not mean bad. The situations of a workplace were just handled differently.

Being a good boss has some similarities as being a good coach. I think a good boss is someone who understands the employee to the point where it easy to work for that person. Good communication, structured work, and trust are some things I think a good boss has to have. Communication goes for being a good boss and a good coach. When you give an employee a task it has to be well communicated or the boss and employee will be on different pages. A boss needs to trust the employees! This will make everything run smoothly. The second trust is broken is the second a business does not function properly. A good coach also need to trust in the athlete. Sometimes athletes are feeling a different type of way then the coach is thinking, but the coach needs to trust the athlete during these situations.

A good coach cooperates well with the athlete by listening, adjusting, and constantly supporting that athlete. A coach needs to listen to an athlete about the way there body feels and how they are feeling mentally. Just like being a boss the coach should take little advice about training. A coach and an athlete bond through experience as a boss and an employee bond through work. A good coach/boss need to differentiate work from training. Don't let work problems drag over to work. It can create a negative environment.

There is a lot of similarities and differences in being a boss and a coach, but they both need to be treated differently. Keep the work environment work and keep the training environment training!

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