Shut Up and Train

Shut Up and Train

I can't stand when elite athletes bitch and complain about things that happen during a training session. Sometimes its someone walking in front of them, bad music, stupid distractions, and gossip and rumors. Its all petty and is the worst excuse during training there is. If you want to be as elite as possible, stop caring about what happens around you.

The one thing everyone should take from this is you control your workout, nothing else. Someone walking in front of you should not be a distraction. No elite level athlete is going to let something like that ruin there workout. I almost think you should use it as some sort of motivation. Get used to lifting with distractions that way you can handle that stuff. Also, I hate petty drama during a training session. It distracts not only you but the person(s) you are talking about. Leave the drama at home and just train!

I never got the thought of “shunning” a teammate. Its terrible for a gym atmosphere when someone feels left out or like they are not wanted. Be as inviting as possible and work together. You are teammates, not enemies. This “shut up and train” mentality should really be applied in all aspects of life, not just lifting. You shouldn't care what anyone else says or what anyone else does.

The key to success is within you and only you. To be a champion, you have to train like one. So that means forget the distractions, stop being petty, and stop giving a fuck if people walk in front of you. It's called life. Get over it.

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