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Short on Time

Everyone seems to make some excuse when it comes to training.  They don’t have time, they have kids, they don’t know what to do, etc.  One of the biggest things I learned when having children is to prioritize the time in the gym and even if it is only 20-30 minutes, pick one or two lifts and hammer away!
Saturday our family had a birthday party celebration for my soon to be one year old son, Sanderson.  We went to the gym with about 35 minutes to spare.  My wife jumped on the platform, did some quick mobility work with the bar as I loosened up on the deadlift bar, pulling light weight fast to realize loosen up my back.  Caitlin did a bunch of working sets in the clean and jerk with minimal rest, which forced her to focus on the technical aspects of training.  After only 15 minutes, she wanted to get a quick squat workout in.  She threw on 80% of her best squat and pushed out a few sets of 10 reps with only about a minute rest.  Meanwhile, I worked up to 635 lbs on the deadlift and called it a day after doing 80 crunches with our slosh pipe. 
Both of us got a great workout in, we figured out which lifts would carryover the best to our goals and went to work.  We cut back on the rest period and focused on technique.  A lot of people complain when they lack time to train, but in a lot of cases, not having time can be a blessing in disguise for technical improvements!!  Don’t make any excuses, just get to work no matter how much time you have to train.
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