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Quick Tip from Dane

-A series of user/follower questions that require in-depth answers as it pertains to the explanation!

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How do you adjust your throws programming when work (in my case class schedules) necessitates lifting in the morning before throwing in the afternoon? Obviously will depend on the individual, but in a general sense what adjustments do you typically make?

Whenever I am programming a collegiate thrower or student, I immediately attempt to analyze their circadian rhythm and then take a dive into their athlete reaction curve. By first taking a step at their rhythm, you will be able to determine if they will be in a good spot mentally and physically to accomplish technical goals in the afternoon throws if they have lifted in the morning. A good example might be this:

College student wakes up at 9 AM. Now establish 3-hour bits in their schedule. Practice in the morning for lifting is at, you tried to convince them to wake up earlier but to no avail! So the lifting session may be fueled by some caffeine. At 12:30, they will have their next elevated awareness and then again at 2:30 PM. Ideally, a throwing time at 2:30 would be feasible because they will feel more alert. I believe the lifting and throwing volume would not have to change. Their body will adapt in the afternoon. If the time slot is closer than 6 hours, it will be a difficult transition period.

The Athlete Reaction Curve will provide a tremendous amount of wherewithal when covering the athlete and their adaptation. Pay close attention to sleep, general well being before warm-ups and after warm-ups and then how they feel after the full session. Over a span of 2 months, you will see a pattern of multiple days where they are performing quite well or performing poorly. This curve will help you recognize they have adapted to the schedule change and the negative part is more in line with their overall well being and handling of macro stress.

As for direct adjustments, I have found that AM sessions can be potentiated quite well by squatting first. It doesn’t need to be every day but many athletes will do well-doing squats first before the rest of their exercises. This is because they have not entirely woken up and an intense movement can spark a positive reaction to the nervous system to recruit better.

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