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Packing Supplements For Air Travel

Often times when traveling it gets hard to make sure one’s nutrition is on point. A lot of athletes traveling to an event find that when they arrive at a destination to compete they feel like crap. They feel sluggish, fatigued, aren’t getting enough protein, lack sleep, their joints are getting achy and they’re retaining water. This all adds up and culminates in a negative performance around their specific sport. 

Packing Supplements For Air Travel

This is where utilizing the best supplements come into play to help eliminate this performance drop. The supplements can help athletes recover from long flights, feel better, and get on a better sleep pattern. It is important that athletes feel on point, are hydrated, getting glycogen re-storage in there, and consuming enough protein.

ZMA Supplement

ZInc, magnesium aspartate, and vitamin B6 need to be utilized. We specifically recommend Forty WInkz from Earth Fed Muscle. We love this supplement because it helps athletes keep a normal sleep schedule. The ability to get on the right circadian rhythm helps the sleep regulation quality rises.

Higher quality sleep regulation allows for better recovery, feeling stronger, and keeping things normalized. That is a key factor. Athletes need to keep their sleep cycle as normal as possible as well as their supplement routine. Use the ZMA about thirty minutes before bed. It also helps boost the immunity system.


Talking about fending off illness, we go with the EFM multivitamin Armor when traveling. We like the EFM product Morning Ritual, a standard multivitamin, as well. A standard multivitamin with a lot of vitamin D, C, A, zinc, and all the other vitamins and minerals that will help an athlete feel better. EFM Armor actually has vitamin D, A, C, E, green tea extract, and elderberry, which really helps with potential influenza spikes. This multivitamin does a nice job of giving the immune system a boost, helping the body and mind feel better traveling in the post-covid era.


We recommend anyone picks up a green of their choice. We find that greens help the gut stay regular. We noticed that athletes’ gut flora feels better; they also have provided anecdotal evidence of their bowels passing waste more effectively and greens helping tremendously with eliminating bloating.

It also helps when traveling and not being able to eat raw vegetables. Getting sick when traveling to perform in a competition isn’t fun. Utilizing greens help a lot. Again, we use EFM’s product The Greens Party. Greens help athletes get all the necessary vitamins and minerals from things like kale, swiss chard, carrots, and a slew of different greens not readily available when traveling.

Whey Protein Mixed With Creatine

The problem with traveling with creatine on its lonesome is it will make it more likely TSA stops the athlete before boarding.

Make sure to have at least two scoops of whey protein a day. It guarantees a nice chunk of nutritional protein. Trying to get upwards of 80-100 grams of protein from a whey protein source just to help feel better can do a lot.

Bonus: Krill Oil & Caffeine

Utilize krill oil before bed to help with inflammation in the joints. It really helps relieve the knee and hip soreness from sitting in the plane during the long flight. Mobility work helps as well. As one can guess, we recommend Earth Fed Muscle’s Arctic Advantage for one’s krill oil needs.

Coffee is everywhere. But sometimes it is trash. So just in case, we recommend grounding up just over 14 ounces of one’s preferred blend.


The key to supplementation to traveling is planning ahead. Make sure to prioritize sleep and taking a multivitamin that will help deal with any immunization compromisation. In addition, get the greens in and bring whey protein to help maintain lean muscle mass. Just remember to pack the whey protein with creatine to help with recovery and feel better. Make sure to be taking the same supplements while traveling that are taken at home.   


Dane Miller is the owner and founder of Garage Strength Sports Performance. He works with a select handful of clients on building comprehensive programs for fitness and nutrition. Several times a year he leads a workshop for coaches, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts.

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