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Nutrition While Traveling for Competition

Traveling for competition can present a whole host of problems. One of the largest ones is how to maintain the nutritional balance that has been struck during training while on the road. The first step is obviously to figure out how long you’ll be gone for. If the trip starts to approach a week or more in duration, you need to start really planning ahead. Pack up your various Earth Fed Muscle supplements, so you can be consistent with protein, vitamin, and mineral intake and ensure that you’re getting quality nutrients in your system. You can even pop some EFM protein waffle mix in a microwave to make some protein muffins.

Next, you’ll want to know when you leave and account for nutrition during travel. This is especially important for trips where you might be competing the day after travel or only have 24 hours between travel and competition. Make sure you’re well hydrated before, during and after travel. The recycled air in airplanes is very dry, so you have to be extra mindful of hydration when traveling by plane. You need to plan snacks as well, to keep up your caloric intake. I like larabars and kind bars as quick, easy solutions to eating on the go.

Know ahead of time where you’re staying, so you can search for a Whole Foods or grocery store nearby, or even just know what are the nutritionally better restaurants to eat at, if you have no other options. I generally think AirBnBs are the best for traveling for competition, primarily because you usually have a kitchen space so you can be more in charge of your meals. Obviously, many people stay in hotels, so knowing what options you have in the area is key.

As you can see, the big idea here is planning ahead. Taking the time to understand your normal nutritional habits so that you can replicate them on the road. Regulating your nutrition while traveling will not only help your body physically feel better, but it helps you stay on track mentally as well. Keep all of these keys in mind and you'll set yourself up to be consistent and compete well! 

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