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MPMD On Joe Rogan Reaction

Derek from More Plate More Dates was on Joe Rogan and they started talking about a lot of interesting stuff behind performance-enhancing drugs, how different people do the drugs, and even on how to use designer drugs to go undetected or potentially undetectable overtime. They even talked about some of the interesting tests people are using to catch people over time.

Before even starting, for professional athletes who block content creators/influencers because they challenge their drug usage, it might be best to just stay shut and pretend nothing happened. Or if as innocent as claiming, meet the criticisms head-on. So when I see the ‘block’, it throws up a red flag of guilt in my mind. 

Clomiphene is a drug that actually a lot of TRT doctors will use after giving a Clomid test. A Clomid test was created by Dr. Eugene Shippen. Women or men can use clomiphene. Clomiphene will be given to a man who is trying to get their production of testosterone boosted. It helps signal the body to get the testicles to signal to create the testosterone. Some guys who in the past were on performance-enhancing drugs will take clomiphene to make sure their nuts are actually working. It is often used in conjunction with HGC to help with fertility and stimulating production, giving information to the doctor.

What this means when an athlete tests positive for clomiphene is that they were most likely on PEDs in the past or they are using it for performance-enhancing purposes.

MPMD talks about Clomid pulsing. Essentially what he is saying is that it is stored in the fat cells. Say the Clomid is taken once a week, it will continue to pulse for a longer period of time because it is stored in the fat cells so when an athlete gets popped for turinabol, and this pulsed, the Clomid in theory should have probably pulsed as well. This happens and you’ll hear athletes talk about tainted foods. This argument means the athletes have to consume an ungodly amount of meat for this to happen. Now A.G. Wilson is somebody who got popped for tainted meat and was able to prove it.

It is cool how MPMD and Joe talk about the actual means behind the drugs. With performance-enhancing drugs, world-class athletes in the pros or Olympic quality, people are figuring out that they can take specific types of drugs or offsets of testosterone that pulse slowly to reap the benefits of the drugs without being popped by the current tests. However, a lot of the new tests are starting to figure out what is going with this pulsing–it is almost a form of microdosing.

MPMD and Joe go into a discussion about turinabol. As I understand it, the idea is that turinabol will be out of the body within three months. So an athlete takes turinabol for January, February, and March knowing they will be drug tested in July or August. They are able to get it out of their system for the test but can still reap the benefits of taking the drug earlier in the year. But a man created a test that is able to detect the pulsing that occurs much longer than originally thought. This led to a lot of retroactive poppings. As MPMD puts it, “The idea behind the pulsing is the metabolites that linger can store themselves in fat tissues essentially and liberate themselves over time sporadically.”

Derek points out that turinabol will be received underground. Where something like nandrolone will be prescribed for people with severe arthritis or burns. It is actually used by doctors. This goes for testosterone a few other drugs that will be prescribed to be gotten at a pharmacy. Turinabol is not a drug that doctors will use. Some PEDs do have clinical reasons to be utilized.

At one point, Joe comes in and says hard heart training can suppress testosterone. Yes, hard aerobic training can create a little bit of a drop-off. But seeing a substantial drop-off almost requires castration for it to drop that low. So when a guy like Cormier gets hammered and turned into a meme in an MMA bout by a guy like Jones, who tested with basically zero testosterone in his body, things are sus. Super sus. As MPMD puts it, “Significant suppression…your balls are essentially non-functional.” The drugs drive the performance. Being on drugs lets you perform well.

Simply put, if you take testosterone, your natural testosterone gets lower but you reap the benefits of testosterone.

In theory, designer drugs, think Balko and Barry Bonds and THG. Designer drugs are tough to be detected because the testers don’t know it is present or exists yet. As MPMD points out, which I believe is a key concept, if you have low testosterone there are, in theory, methods to hide things. This usually comes about from holes in the research. There is a lot of technology to make these drugs happen, but the red flags are now coming from the opposite results–like super low testosterone, indicating someone might be using a designer steroid.


The overarching theme I derive from this conversation is that if we are thinking of drug usage and performance-enhancing with world-class athletes, especially when a lot of money is on the line. So countries that have great support for Olympic sports (which the United States does not) pay the athletes well. And yes, United States athletes test positive as well. The US 100 meter sprinters find money, but there isn’t as much money for throwers. So when we go through this and analyze people testing positive for drugs, in particular designer drugs that are found out retroactively, we need to understand that a lot of it goes back to the financial investment and chasing that ultimate capital pursuit of accumulating wealth.

And for those who don’t know, at Garage Strength, we have a reserved parking spot for USADA because they stop by so frequently to test our athletes.


Dane Miller is the owner and founder of Garage Strength Sports Performance. He works with a select handful of clients on building comprehensive programs for fitness and nutrition. Several times a year he leads a workshop for coaches, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts.

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