Garage Strength vs. Public Gym

Garage Strength vs. Public Gym

Garage Strength VS Public Gym

I love responding to this question of what is different between Garage Strength and any other gym. There are so many things that I could write a book. I’ll just highlight some quick areas for you though. Why is Garage Strength so expensive? If I’m not an athlete, why should I train there? I don’t want to get big and bulky, Garage Strength is just a strength gym that makes everyone big.

This first question is always my favorite, why is Garage Strength so expensive? Well, a gym that has similar equipment to ours is approximately $510 per year. Garage Strength is $1,440. At the competitor’s price it is just a gym that has similar equipment, you just get that and nothing else, the ability to use the facility. At Garage Strength, you get the equipment, a group trainer, a set program based off goals you look to achieve. Well, it is still more than double the price of just the equipment. Yes it is, but you get a trainer giving you the workouts and the weights and push you every step of the way. Let's break this down a little more.

Say the typical person workouts out 3 times per week. Let’s say this person works out faithfully 50 weeks out of the year. That means they will workout 150 times in 1 year. At a gym that you just get equipment and workout on your own, lose motivation because no one is there to push you, you will pay $510 per year. Let’s say you get a personal trainer to push you and get 1 on 1 training, the lowest cost for a personal trainer is $25 per session/hour. That comes out to $3,750 for the year. Now, Garage Strength is $120 per month and come as many times as you want so that comes out to the $1,440. Garage Strength is ideal because you do not pay a fortune, but you get someone there to hold you accountable and make improvements.

Next subject, if you aren’t an athlete, should you train at Garage Strength? Absolutely you should! Whether a former athlete or just getting started the great thing about Garage Strength is we base your workouts on your goals. Just stay in shape, get bigger arms, training for a sport, we can do it all. Say you want to stay in shape and are over 50 years old. For a female we will do lots of core, glutes, and a cardio day 1-2 times a week depending how many times they workout. For a male, we might do upper body, lower body, bize and trize, cardio depending on how many times they come as well.

Finally, Garage Strength is more than just a “strength” gym. This gym is a group training gym that has personal goal programs. It is truly the best of both worlds. Not only do we get athletes bigger, faster, stronger, but we also get general clientele lean, in shape, and ready for life obstacles they might encounter.

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